Liberty University President Reveals Reason Trump Praised Neo-Nazis​ ​​

Liberty University President Reveals the Real Reason Trump Praised “Fine” Neo-Nazis​ ​​

Presidential responses to national incidents have always had a strong impact on their development. When Barack Obama made the statement that if he’d had a son “he’d look like Trayvon,” it gave the Trayvon Martin shooting a lot more weight, and set the seeds for the creation of Black Lives Matter.

President Trump’s response to the recent events in Charlottesville has been two-fold. In his first address, he made a generalized comment about standing together, though it was criticized for its lack of condemnation of the alt-right. In his second statement, released two days later on August 14, Trump amended his previous words by specifically attacking white supremacist groups for their bigotry. Unfortunately the next day, Trump returned to his initial statement, though with a few twists: this time both sides were to blame, the alt-left was just as violent as the alt-right, and the push for removing Confederate statues was an attempt to revise history.

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More disgusting, however, was the President’s comment that there were “very fine people” on both sides. While no one can deny that Antifa has its problems, as Noam Chomsky recently pointed out, they were not formed out of bigotry and racism compared to the Neo-Nazis and KKK apologists that made-up the Unite the Right rally. That anyone would choose to align themselves with the latter is a sign that their moral compass is lacking: something that Trump should have known given his own history of leaving the independent Reform Party back in 2000 when the faction started associating itself with former KKK Imperial Wizard David Duke.

However, it turns out that there may be a genuine reason Trump praised these apparently “fine” individuals within the alt-right: he knows them personally. At least, that is what Liberty University Chancellor Jerry Falwell Jr. has hinted at in a recent interview on ABC’s This Week Sunday. Speaking on the President’s final comments on the matter, Falwell, Jr. praised him for his “bold” message while also addressing his “fine people” on both sides quote:

“He has inside information I don’t have. I don’t know if there were historical purists there who were trying to preserve some statutes. I don’t know, but he had information I didn’t have.” 

The use of the term “inside information” is interesting given that this rally did not involve the government (on the contrary, the rally was being staged against government actions threatening the removal of Confederate monuments). How Trump could have gotten inside information on this disgusting display of hate is a question that journalists will have to investigate.

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