Massive Moron Trump Tweets Bigoted 'Counter-Punch' At British PM - Can't Even Do That Right

Massive Moron Trump Tweets Bigoted ‘Counter-Punch’ At British PM – Can’t Even Do That Right

This is the story of a Wednesday in Trump’s America.

First, President Donald Trump retweeted a foreign hate group’s dubious propaganda. Which included a video that assumed a teenage bully in the Netherlands was a Muslim boy because he had brunette hair, while his victim had blonde hair.

Then Sarah Huckabee-Sanders defended it. And while America’s Charlatan in Chief and his Depress the Press Secretary have an obvious ‘you lie and I’ll swear to it‘ relationship (seriously, that’s basically her job) this time she skipped right over insisting his lie is true, to insisting the truth doesn’t matter.

Mind you, while this hate-baiting was going on it was also coming to light that Trump still privately clings to the grasping at straws racist fever-dream that America’s first black President must have been illegitimate. A conspiracy theory grounded in the nonsensical ravings of a visibly crazy Soviet born Arizona dentist named Orly Taitz (who was so wacky and vile that Lawrence O’Donnell once kicked her off his show) which the Tea Party, then the GOP establishment, then Trump and his Alt-Right “Deplorables” all seized upon. Yes, birtherism. That conspiracy theory that’s right up there with flat-eartherism: so easily disproved it’s laughable, and yet not funny.

All of which had the bigots of the world clapping, and clapping the bigot in the Bully Pulpit on the back for being their boy. Predictably.

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But British Prime Minister Theresa May – no liberal, it should be noted – clapped back via her spokesman. Hard.

“It is wrong for the President to have done this.”

Wow. How far we’ve fallen from Churchill and FDR. That time when Britain’s Prime Minister stood shoulder to shoulder with America’s President to confront the Nazi’s. Now we have the British PM rebuking the President of the United States for supporting modern day Nazis.

And I do mean Nazis. The name “Britain First” is recycled World War Two Nazi rhetoric, just the same as Trump’s references to “America First” are. And of course, there’s the fact that an English Nazi named Thomas Mair murdered a British politician, then screamed “Britain First”.

This guy:

May’s spokesman made a similar point:

“Britain First seeks to divide communities by their use of hateful narratives that peddle lies and stoke tensions. They cause anxiety to law-abiding people. British people overwhelmingly reject the prejudiced rhetoric of the far right which is the antithesis of the values this country represents, decency, tolerance and respect.”

Using hateful narratives to peddle lies and stoke tensions? That’s exactly what the Birther in Chief spent his Wednesday doing. Causing anxiety to once normal, law-abiding people (like that “timid” gardener turned Nazi terrorist who murdered for Britain First)? That’s Trump’s whole political career – all the way back to when that was just being a critic of all things Obama. The antithesis of the values of decency, tolerance and respect which the nations that stood against Nazi Germany in World War Two were supposed to stand for – that’s a pretty good summary of Trump’s presidency.

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Oh, and he slipped some taunting of a maniac who just proved he can strike anywhere in America with a nuke in there along the way too.

As dark as all this is, there is an amusing silver lining to this cloud hanging over yet another day in Trump’s America: Trump tweeted his predictable “counterpunch” (to salve that massive ego of his that’s so easily bruised through his thin creamsicle skin, no doubt)… And when he did, he tweeted it at the wrong woman!

Immediately drawing criticism from the #resistance

Oy vey!

Yes, that’s right… The Twitter President doesn’t even get Twitter, never-mind diplomacy.  It’s that bad.

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