Pandering Pence Gets Haircut At Black Barbershop; Trump Nowhere To Be Found (VIDEO)

Pandering Pence Gets Haircut At Black Barbershop; Trump Nowhere To Be Found (VIDEO)

It was something simple, but nevertheless 15,000 viewers tuned in to watch Trump’s running mate Mike Pence stop in for a haircut at Henry Jones’ barbershop in Norristown, Pa. While it only took 20 minutes to accomplish, when all was said and done, the Indiana governor was applauded by employees and patrons alike.

Pence Was on his way to a private event when he stepped into the barbershop

This was in sharp contrast to Trump’s ham-fisted and half-hearted attempts to reach out to the African-American community.

Jones, who owns the barbershop, told The Associated Press that a representative for the governor visited the barbershop on Monday, telling him that “a friend of his needed a haircut.” Tuesday is usually Jones’ day off, but he obliged. On Tuesday afternoon he was met at the shop by sniffing dogs and police cars. Jones, 74, has been cutting hair for four decades, but notes he doesn’t generally follow politics much and hasn’t been paying particular attention to the election.

So when Pence strolled in with his wife and daughter, Jones said he didn’t know who he was. But the two men talked about sports and wives as the Republican Vice Presidential candidate sat for his $20 trim.

Then the VP wannabe looked in a mirror. “Great haircut — perfect,” he said applauding and striding behind the chair to shake Jones’ hand.

That’s when Jones asked who he was.

And the avid Tea Party supporter replied, “Mike Pence. I’m the governor of Indiana, and I’m running for vice president of the United States.”

“Go ahead man,” said Jones, who was clearly surprised. “Vice president? Oh boy.”

“I’m running with Donald Trump,” Pence said. “I’m his running mate.”

“Okay,” said Jones, breaking into a smile. “All right. Oh boy.”

This may provide the Trump campaign with a little momentum, especially since the billionaire real estate magnate’s obvious racism has done much to alienate the black community.

Even Pence is well aware of this.

On Monday, a reporter for Fox News asked him what he thought about Trump’s contention that in 2020, he’d win 95 percent of the African-American vote. The governor burst out laughing, and the reporter asked him why he was laughing.

“Well, that’s Donald Trump,” he said.

Here’s what he had to say about it:

While Pence’s meeting with Jones was a little touching, it’s a good idea to remember that this candidate is also rabidly anti-abortion,  and signed a law specifically designed to hurt LGBTQ people by allowing business owners to use their religious beliefs to discriminate against them.

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So he’s not particularly a nice man simply because he talked to a genial,74-year-old black man. If he were, he wouldn’t be running alongside Donald Trump.

Remember that when you watch the video below as Pence talks to Henry Jones.

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The Associated Press/ YouTube.