Newt Gingrich Just Gave One of the Most Bizarre and Hypocritical Interviews You'll Ever See (VIDEO)

Newt Gingrich Just Gave One of the Most Bizarre and Hypocritical Interviews You’ll Ever See (VIDEO)

The Speaker that Oversaw the Clinton Impeachment says an Independent Counsel is ‘Dangerous’

Like many factors in life, hypocrisy exists in gray areas more often than in black and white. A mother telling her child not to lie because Santa’s watching. A police cruiser with no destination driving 85 mph on the Interstate. Rush Limbaugh advocating prison time for drug abuse. All are hypocritical to some degree, but can hardly be placed in the same box. But there’s no box big enough to contain the word salad of hypocrisy that former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich gave ABC’s George Stephanopoulos during an interview on Good Morning America Tuesday. The disgraced congressman basically told the anchor to ignore the fact that he was intimately tied to arguably the most prominent independent counsel in history and accept that the position in 2017 is “dangerous”.

Gingrich backtracked on his comments from May 17 when he called Independent Counsel Robert Mueller a “superb choice” with an “impeccable” reputation “for honesty and integrity”. Citing the fact that Mueller has hired individuals who contributed to Democrats, Gingrich’s tune has changed dramatically:

Stephanopoulos, however, had a front row seat to a president to be investigated by an independent counsel when his then-boss, President Bill Clinton, was in the cross-hairs of Kenneth Starr’s Whitewater investigation.

Gingrich Hints Mueller Should Go Because of Kathy Griffin

The anchor brought up the hypocritical nature of the former speaker’s statements, reminding him that Starr himself was a political contributor. But Gingrich seems to think that because a comedian made an off-color joke, no investigation can be independent:

Stephanopoulos:  You bring up this issue of political contributions, back when Ken Starr was Independent Counsel he himself had given a lot of political contributions to Republicans yet you and others supported that effort.  

Gingrich:  That’s right. And I think we’re in a different world. And I think if you look at the intensity of where we are right now, whether it is somebody holding up the bleeding head of the president, or a New York play showing the assassination of the president, we’re in a period where if people think this is going to be a neutral, professional investigation – I think they’re being delusional.


Gingrich closed the interview with an even more bizarre assertion, given his history:

Independent Counsels are very dangerous.    


Gingrich Held a More Relaxed View of the Independent Counsel in 1998

Perhaps the next generation of politicians will eventually realize that the internet exists. Just about every word ever recorded since the mid-90’s (and often much earlier) by any officeholder or prominent person is easily retrievable in the pockets and handbags of most Americans. The Washington Post assembled a nifty list of then-Speaker Gingrich’s opinions on the role of the counsel during the Clinton years. Suffice to say, they don’t exactly match his tone in regards to Director Mueller:

  • “People want us to be calm and serious citizens, not partisans, as we approach reluctantly anything that Judge Starr might do.” March 1998

  • “I’ve said for three months nothing matters until Judge Starr reports. Guess what? Everyone should take a deep breath and step back. Nothing matters until Judge Starr reports. Everything else is noise.” April 1998

  • “The rule of law is paramount. We’re sworn to uphold the Constitution. We’re not sworn to uphold public opinion polls. And we will do our duty if and when Judge Starr gives us our duty to do. In the absence of that, we will be patient.” April 1998

  • There are two principles “I am prepared to live and die on. The first is that the American people have the right to know about basic facts. And the second is that we are a nation under the rule of law and no person, including the president, is above the law.” April 1998

  • “For anybody to talk about doing anything before we finish the investigative process simply puts the cart before the horse.” September 1998

In all fairness to Newt Gingrich, Kathy Griffin was merely doing cameos on Seinfeld in 1998.

Watch Newt do a Complete 180 on the Independent Counsel in this Interview:

Photo Credit: Screen grab from @GMA on Twitter