NRA GOP Congress Reacts to Gun Massacres by Making them Easier

Psycho NRA Bought GOP Congress Reacts to Gun Massacres by Making them Easy to Pull Off Nationally

The NRA truly is becoming The Mass Murder lobby

While President Trump distracted the mainstream media today with his politically dense move to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, Republican psychos in the House of Representatives moved to pass a piece of legislation focused on benefiting two other groups of psychopaths: the NRA lobbyists who feel the only response to too much gun violence is selling more guns, and the people who would like to move guns across state lines without pesky paperwork (like the Vegas shooter, for example).

Which is as crazy as it sounds.

The bill, called the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Act, allows individuals who have obtained concealed carry permits in one state to be able to carry said weapons across state lines. In other words, even if a state has managed to create a safe system for their constituents’ right to bear arms, folks from other states with less careful systems will be able to legally infringe on their home territory – and do so packing heat.

Strange, I know, from a party that talks about “states rights” so much, but there you have it. And the sad truth is six of the 231 representatives that voted for it were Democrats, showcasing the NRA’s influence extends to politicians from both parties. States rights mad or not.

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Richard Hudson of North Carolina, who authored the bill, defended the provisions as protecting liberties:

“[It] is a huge win for freedom, the American people, and the 15 million concealed carry permit holders across this country who every day become the risk of becoming criminals because they cross an invisible state line.”

Yeah, we know. But that’s what he said.

When the Las Vegas shooting happened in early October, a mere two months ago, there was a hope that it would finally be the tipping point among Americans to finally pass comprehensive gun reform to the outdated firearms laws in the United States. Not only was this the deadliest massacre by a single individual in US history, but it was also an example of how small legal steps at the retail level could have been taken to prevent such a shooting from reaching such a catastrophically high casualty figure as the 605 casualties of the Vegas massacre.

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The silver lining to all this is the bill does have a couple of parts to it that address some gun control concerns. One improves the FBI’s National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS), which prevents people in it from buying a firearm, assuming the store/state they are purchasing a gun from runs their name through it. The second, on the other hand, forces the Attorney General Jeff Sessions to give an official statement on whether or not the use of bump stocks like the Vegas shooter used, which enable semi-automatic weapons to fire at nearly the same speed as full-fledged automatic weapons, should be banned or penalized in any way.

And so yet another massacre of innocent Americans is used as fodder not to protect Americans, but to protect the gun lobby, by our psycho congress.

Image by David Becker/Getty Images