Puerto Rico Begs for Help as Trump Fixate on Race and Russia Diversions

Puerto Rico Begs for Hurricane Help as Trump Fixates on Race Baiting and Russia Diversions

There is an old saying attributed to P.T. Barnum (though more likely originated by Brendan Behan) that there is no such thing as bad publicity. In a world dominated by media sources, the truth is having the limelight cast on you is ultimately beneficial as it exposes your ideas to the public. During the 2016 Republican Primary, for example, it was estimated that then-candidate Donald Trump received $1.8 billion in free airtime solely because mainstream sources covered him constantly.

That saying also unfortunately applies to disasters and tragedies, where, if the camera is not pointed at what is happening, people will soon forget. This is occurring right now with Puerto Rico in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, a category-5 tropical cyclone that devastated most of the Caribbean sea last week, including many territories like the United States’s Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico.

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Now that the worst is over, one would think that the President would be concerned about the effects of Maria on these unincorporated territories that are a part of his country, and prioritize disaster relief like what was done with Texas and Florida recently. Perhaps unsurprisingly, one would be wrong. A look at the latest news reveals what is really on Trump’s mind: football.

As many of our readers are no doubt aware, Colin Kaepernick is a former quarterback for the San Francisco 49ers that gained notoriety when he refused to stand for the national anthem during the 2016 season. Though his actions ultimately led to him losing his position with the team, he has continued to inspire a lot of debate in the country about the meaning of patriotism. During a CNN Town Hall in September 2016, then-President Obama defended Kaepernick by noting that he had a right to peacefully protest.

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President Trump’s response, on the other hand? Calling him a son of a bitch. What makes this disgusting is not the fact that he is the President of the United States or that he is clearly distracting from Robert Mueller’s probe, but that he is choosing to prioritize this over helping the people of Puerto Rico who are genuinely suffering. As The Daily Beast reports, not only are many businesses ravaged by the storm, but looting and criminal activities have commenced as a result of poor law enforcement. The power grid is down, meaning public telephones and communication services are out for the foreseeable future:

With Governor Ricardo Rosselló estimating that it will take billions of dollars for the country to recover, it needs to be stated again: President Trump, do your job and help the people of Puerto Rico.

Image by Joe Raedle/Getty Images