SHOCKING Internet History of Key Trump 'Science' Pick Unearthed

‘Race Traitors’: SHOCKING Internet History of Key Trump ‘Science’ Pick Unearthed

For a lot of people, the Trump Administration brings back vivid memories of the Bush White House. Not only were both Presidents elected despite losing the popular vote, but they also filled their Cabinets with unqualified cronies that did not know how to react to political situations without thinking of their wallet first.

Trump’s is arguably worse as, during the campaign trail, he famously promised he would “drain the swamp” of the D.C. Establishment and replace them with people who actually cared about American values. Given that Trump had spent his whole life in those same elite circles he condemned, it should not have come as a surprise when he turned out to be a liar. But the fact is, many Americans were feeling broken and Trump managed to con them with his typical “Art of the Deal” rhetoric.

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Now, in 2017, months after he was inaugurated, we are dealing with the effects of his incompetent executive choices. From Keebler Elf Sessions not knowing the law to Scott Pruitt being a climate change denier to all the Russia-linked underlings, it is clear that the President’s goal is to reap as much money as he can from the Oval Office while dismantling decades of progressive work. As Democrats are no doubt hoping that special counsel Robert Mueller will find something incriminating before the year is up, the fact is Trump could very well complete his first term.

Nonetheless, the media can still do its job of reporting on all the negative qualities that come with each selection. As Anthony “The Mooch” Scaramucci’s resignation after 10 days indicates, it is very easy to destroy the image of these cronies with the right information. And we will be continuing that pattern with the latest member: Sam Clovis.

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Chosen to be the Under Secretary of Agriculture for Research, Education, and Economics, Clovis is an interesting figure in that he has no scientific background, instead gaining fame for being a conservative shock jock in the South. He joined Trump’s campaign team back in 2015 as the national campaign co-chairman, and is now evidently being rewarded for his hard work.

However, investigative research done by some CNN employees has unearthed something interesting: Clovis’s blogging history. It turns out Clovis absolutely hates progressivism and Obama, having blamed the latter for increasing racial tensions during his eight-year presidency in addition to being a socialist. But it his views on the former that take a disturbing turn. Clovis believes that progressives are responsible for a modern-enslavement of minorities in the country:

“We can go back 100 years and trace how the progressives, socialists and fellow travelers have done everything possible to keep minorities in this country enslaved to government….This is particularly true in the African-American community. The progressives have systematically attacked the individual, the black family unit, the black female and the black male.”

This sets a new low for the Trump Administration, and trust us when we say that, that is a feat in and of itself.

Featured image by Alex Hanson/Flickr, (CC BY 2.0).