Reebok Schools Trump In How NOT to be a Creepy Sexist Pig - Twitter Instantly Goes Bonkers!

Reebok Schools Trump In How NOT to be a Creepy Sexist Pig – Twitter Instantly Goes Bonkers!

Trump’s Objectification of Women Continues

The President has made so many sexist remarks over the course of his public life that it’s almost losing its shock value when a new one is reported. But thanks to a clever tweet from Reebok, a lowering of the bar for our Commander-in-Chief won’t come so soon.

Yesterday in Paris, Pres. Trump embarrassed the U.S. once again with his initial meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron and French First Lady, Brigitte. According to CNN, Trump complimented Mrs. Macron’s “physical shape” in front of both wife Melania Trump and Pres. Macron, stating,

You’re in such good shape. She’s in such good physical shape. Beautiful.

Trump then turned to Pres. Macron and made the same remark in what could be construed as an off-putting congratulatory sentiment. It’s as if he complemented Mr. Macron on a newly bought sports car or extravagant yacht, not upon a spouse or woman, in general.

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In response to this latest folly, sports brand Reebok Tweeted a chart answering relevant questions for Pres. Trump in terms of,

When it is appropriate to say, ‘You’re In Such Good shape…Beautiful

The chart explains when it is not right to say such a thing to a woman when, for instance, you’re in an elevator with one, or when you’re working out next to a woman at the gym. The most jabbing states that it is not appropriate to give the compliment if you’re a world leader greeting a head of state. But the most humorous is one explaining that it is okay to state the remark when,

Did you just find a forgotten action figure from your youth, unscathed after decades, in your parents’ basement? YES

These remarks could not have been any more awkward on any other day than July 14th, or Bastille Day. This date for the French commemorates the storming of the Bastille in 1789 and the beginning of the French Revolution. The Revolution led us into the Enlightenment, propelling new, more egalitarian identities for women in the West. Women were an instrumental part of the Revolution, too. If they were not a leading part, when the price of bread skyrocketed in the late 1780’s under Louis XVI, women led riots.

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The most striking comment on the remarks by Trump are by Kara Alaimo, an assistant professor of public relations at Hofstra University on CNN’s editorial page today, reading,

When the President of the United States speaks, the world views his words as a reflection of US values and foreign policy.

We cannot allow a lowering of the bar for Pres. Trump in America no matter how often he falls on his face. We cannot forget that his perception of women is wrong and must be rejected in every instance.

(Featured photo composite by Reverb Press, Trump image by Scott Olson/Getty Images, Meme by Reebok)