This Republican Governor Tried To Silence His Critics, And It Backfired BIG TIME (VIDEO)

This Republican Governor Tried To Silence His Critics, And It Backfired BIG TIME (VIDEO)

Pat McCrory Won’t Condone Liberal Disobedience

North Carolina’s Pat McCrory couldn’t stand to take criticism from liberals, so he canceled a scheduled meet-up at the Executive Mansion.

A garden party at the Executive Mansion, planned by a liberal group called Progress NC, has been canceled by North Carolina’s conservative Governor Pat McCrory on Wednesday evening, according to local news source WRALMcCrory spokesman, Graham Wilson, offered more details on the reason for the cancellation:

“It became clear this afternoon that Progress NC had reserved the Executive Mansion for a coordinated political protest instead of the event it has discussed with staff and agreed upon in its contract.”

He continued:

“These publicly announced plans were in violation of the agreed upon contract, therefore the permit to use the mansion has been canceled.”

Wilson is referring to social media posts from Progress NC which revealed that they were going to bring their Air Horn Orchestra — a group that plays the tuba, air horns and other noisemakers to show their frustration with the governor.

The group is critical of the administration’s policy related to the transgender bathroom bill, the restrictions enforced on the public viewing of police body cam footage, and the governor’s failure to expand MedicaidProgress NC posted the news about the last minute cancellation on their Facebook page:

Why is Progress NC frustrated with Governor McCrory?

McCrory is a model red state governor who represents the worst of modern American conservatism.

Governor Pat McCrory made headlines this week again when he approved a law that would prevent the public from having access to videos recorded by police body cameras—a mandatory requirement in many police departments, who have taken to wearing the cameras to prevent the unauthorized killing of civilians.

Over the last few weeks, more shootings have escalated tensions, this time between Black Lives Matter protesters and lawmakers, who exploit the violence to use it as an example of why they refer to the organization as a hate group,

The conservative voice has primarily focused on the message that Black Lives Matter is anti-police and that they directly incite violence against police officers, blaming them for incidents such as the shooting which took place in Dallas last Thursday—when an armed nationalist who said he wanted to kill white police officers opened fire and killed five of them during a Black Lives Matter protest.

Many feel that the North Carolina governor and other Republican-led states are using this opportunity to enact similar laws which prevent people from viewing police footage, allowing police departments to escape accountability.

In May, McCrory was also under fire when he signed the HB2 bill into law, which requires people to use bathrooms in public buildings depending on the gender on their birth certificates, which angered the transgender community and resulted in a massive boycott of corporations against the state, and a counter lawsuit by the Department of Justice after the state joined 11 others to sue the Obama administration over the issues.

States that are also enforcing gender bathroom laws claim that the Obama administration is creating a social experiment, pandering to a minority group. Many say that these issues are motivated by hate, and so Progress NC referred to their event as the Garden Party Against Hate, who according to a press release by the same group, had invited the governor to attend personally:

“We’re grateful to Gov. McCrory for letting us hold our Garden Party Against Hate at his house, and we’d like to return the favor by personally inviting him to attend. Much of North Carolina’s LGBT community feels that Gov. McCrory has completely ignored their concerns, so this would be an excellent opportunity for the governor to have an honest conversation about how HB2 puts LGBT North Carolinians at risk as is bad for the entire state.”

Despite the governor cancelling the group’s event in the Executive Mansion, they still held it but this time, outside of the mansion along with the Air Horn Orchestra. The results are spectacular.

Watch: Air Horn Orchestra Protests Outside Of Pat McCrory’s mansion

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