GOP Leaders Lowered Bar For Trump, Now Claim High Road

As GOP Leaders Take The High Road Away From Trump, Remember They Were The Ones Who Lowered The Bar

Following the Republican Party House Speaker Paul Ryan’s support of Donald Trump over the weekend, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell made an appearance on NBCs Meet The Press where he also clarified his support behind the nominee which he referred to as a chance to unite the Republican Party, even if it means to prevent a Democrat from getting the White House again:

“I think eight years of Barack Obama’s administration’s enough. And one thing we know for sure is that Hillary Clinton will be four more years just like the last eight, all the slow growth, the lack—America’s clearly under-performing. And I think we need to go in a different direction. And whatever you think about Donald Trump, he’s certainly a different direction. I think that’s what the country needs.”

Seven years ago, about a year into Obama’s presidency, the then minority leader also had enough of his presidency, where he even said that he would do everything he could to make sure Obama was a one-term president.

If we go back to the president’s re-election, you can revisit the statement Mitch McConnell made then which he even published on his site where he not only congratulates the president for his win but also says that his re-election was proof that the American people giving him a second chance to fix the country.

“The voters have not endorsed the failures or excesses of the President’s first term, they have simply given him more time to finish the job they asked him to do together with a Congress that restored balance to Washington after two years of one-party control.”

One can even look at that as his acknowledgement that the American people have even spoken, for the president’s Merrick Garland nomination.

Also during his interview on Meet The Press, he acknowledged a second time that the American people had spoken to elect their nominee and so it would seem in these two examples that it is Mitch McConnell who decides when the American people speak.

McConnell and Ryan’s support are signs that they have no choice but to get behind their nominee, no matter how racist or disgusting his rhetoric is.

In fact, there is a new and more popular trend happening now, halfway through the election year which is where Republicans are able to maneuver their way around Donald Trump, in order to selectively support him with claims they have no choice and must uniting their party.

The Republican Party won’t unite under anything but their hatred for Democrats, Liberals and Progressives.

Evidence of this is that Donald Trump does not currently have a platform than being anti-Hillary and if one were to take his ideas on either domestic or foreign policy, those who take his proposals seriously, will easily say that he has great ideas, but as bombastic as those ideas are not one of them can finish those ideas to completion, because they’re hastily thrown together.

On the same program, Ron Fournier a journalist for the National Journal responded to Mitch McConnell’s statement about the party of Lincoln winning the White House.

“Well, we just heard it. Senator McConnell just told you. The party of Lincoln wants to win the White House. That’s how cynical this is. It’s just about winning the White House. To your point, it’s a short-term strategy, not a long-term strategy.”

One also doesn’t have to go very far to see that when Mitch McConnell takes a stand for or against anything related to the Obama administration, as Majority leader he is clearly taking the lead, setting the precedent for his party as to what they should do next, as he did when immediately after Justice Scalia’s death when he publicly stated that his party would not hold hearings for whoever the president nominated and everyone else in the party fell in line.

For that reason Mitch McConnell is a reading of what the climate in his party is like, which hasn’t changed that much over several years from a climate where everyone in the party is given a free pass to act as they wish, no matter how unruly in front of the American people, in order to create disorder in Washington and chaos nationwide to have their way.

There’s no doubt that they’ve pushed beyond the limits of the American moral standard in order to rebuild their party through extremism and should they take the White House, extremists will now certainly have a place to operate and successfully implement at full capacity.

And so when McConnell says that he disagrees with Donald Trump’s bull horn racism against a judge of Mexican descent, it shows that it doesn’t matter to him – and therefore the rest of the party – that Donald Trump’s bigotry, off-kilter remarks or low-rent trolling are alienating them from regular people, but it also reveals them as a party that can no longer be taken seriously to do the job of the people.

Because Donald Trump is the result of eight years of Republican party destruction, with crazy tea party politicians like Louie Gohmert, Jan Brewer, Marco Rubio and very recently Karl Rove who made a racist joke about white privilege, which makes headlines or at the very least, gets social media’s shorts bunched up enough to finger wag.

At some point we could believe that the Republican Party had people who were sensitive to the social issues of the day, but because of so many years of obstruction, they haven’t done anything other than to market themselves as “reluctant’ obstructionists and proudly anti-Obama. Now their gradual embrace of Donald Trump is really just for show where they want the American people to believe that they stand united against bigotry and on higher ground, as if Donald Trump was completely unexpected.

In reality the hatred they’re generating through their nominee is exactly the candidate they’ve been building since the beginning and a White House grab from this or any future Republican Party, will be far more destructive than one could have ever imagined.

WATCH: Mitch McConnell on Meet The Press

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