Republicans Cheer Americans Losing Money, Promptly Get Obliterated In Tweet Storm (TWEETS)

Republicans Cheer Americans Losing Money, Promptly Get Obliterated In Tweet Storm (TWEETS)

Igor Volsky Destroys Republicans As They Tweet Their Joy At American Workers’ Misery

A federal judge in Texas blocked the Obama administration’s overtime rule yesterday, a move that will take money out of the pockets of millions of Americans. As news of the ruling made its way to elected Republicans, they couldn’t help but express their joy over what will be misery for the bank accounts of so many. And as they took to Twitter to inconsiderately cheer the decision, Igor Volsky individually took many of these elected officials to task for excitedly spitting in the face of millions of their own hard-working constituents.

First off, a little background on what the rule did from The Hill:

The rule would have extended overtime pay to more than 4 million workers starting Dec. 1. It would have required employers to pay overtime to most salaried workers who earn less than $47,476 annually, a much higher threshold than the current annual salary limit of $23,660.

In short, it was a rule designed to help many in the middle class who put in tons of hours at their jobs.

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Wealthy Republicans couldn’t hide their joy at the ruling, however. And as they cheered the judge’s decision, Volsky ripped into them, pointing out how many of their own people they were hurting. It was the GOP’s style of class warfare and their awfulness was thrown right back at them. Enjoy the epic Tweet storm by Volsky and check his timeline for plenty more!

And don’t be shy about letting some of these elected officials know how you feel about them cheering this attack on workers.

Featured image by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images.