Republicans Desperately Struggle To Deny Historic Nature Of Clinton Nomination

Republicans Desperately Struggle To Deny Historic Nature Of Clinton Nomination

The Republican Party already have their nominee and to complete the electoral process, on the June 7 Tuesday night primary, right after the most aggressive Sanders supporters calmed down over the Associated Press giving in to the urge of prematurely reporting Hillary Clinton’s win; Clinton won and followed that win with a speech about how historical the moment was for progress and America, to be the first woman nominee in the history of a major political party.

Up until this moment, there was no indication that it mattered what Hillary Clinton’s gender was until she herself made it so.

Now as the media cues the music and circulates footage of the suffragette movement —  which the Clinton campaign has also done — the Republican Party struggles to control their racist candidate, and so they will pay less attention to Hillary.

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But it isn’t as if they need to be distracted with their own problems to take the focus off of Clinton because they’re not going to let her have that moment anyway.

National editor of the Cook Political Report Amy Walter was a guest on The Diane Rehm Show‘s domestic round-up on Friday, and she addressed what the public’s view is on Hillary Clinton’s gender in the race.

I think the challenge for Hillary Clinton from the very beginning of this campaign, and it’s going to continue through November, is that for many Americans they see Hillary Clinton first as Hillary Clinton and second as a woman. And I mean that not in a pejorative way but just to say she is so defined as being Hillary Clinton the politician, that Hillary Clinton the woman gets second — sort of second string. And I think that this has been her challenge, especially with younger women voters, who see her, yes, as breaking some long-standing glass ceiling but, because of who she is and the fact that she’s been so part of the establishment, they don’t see this as particularly groundbreaking.

In comparison to what President Obama’s 2008 election win meant — which at their peril the Republican Party could not ignore — Republicans intend to act as if Hillary Clinton’s nomination won’t matter to women at all, much like they did when conservative Supreme Court Justice John Roberts claimed that racism was no longer a problem and followed suit — the Republican Party does not intend to let acknowledge that Hillary Clinton’s win or even Democrats will be making history again.

On the other side, Amy Walter is right in that he consensus sees Hillary Clinton as a thoroughly experienced politician before she’s seen as a woman making history.

The Republican Party can pat themselves on the back for planting the seeds of doubt in the American public. That Hillary Clinton’s nomination is a historic moment for women should be obvious, but it has become a secondary observation. Sure, she’s the first woman nominee, but she’s been the presumptive, inevitable nominee for years. It doesn’t feel new, and Republicans are capitalizing on that, forcing her to push that narrative in order for it to be accepted as true.

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The Republican Party Would Prefer Carly Fiorina

In another dimension, maybe if the woman of choice were Carly Fiorina, there would be more reason to celebrate. Which would presumably include her ability to finally succeed at something after a track record of repeated failures. The Republican Party would recognize her accomplishment as a more pivotal moment for women over Hillary, in order to spite Democrats.

There’s no doubt that the polarization of ideologies goes with which side thinks either candidate is the right woman to define this moment for all women.

But Fiorina was only noticed in her political career for being willfully ignorant of the issues, supporting a view that developed from within an insurgent party that will do and say anything to oppose Democrats and commonsense. Which the majority of American people could not take seriously.

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Especially when Fiorina decided to deny the proof that the Planned Parenthood videos which she and the Republican Party were spinning as criminal evidence, were actually just deceptively edited to look that way. Which was so widely reported as to have been impossible to miss.

At the end of this article you will see a video that talks about Fiorina’s denials that the Planned Parenthood video footage was fake. Yet, since December 2015 when CNN aired it, her view hasn’t changed one bit. And when she doesn’t support an organization that is extremely important for women’s health; to the Republican Party, it wouldn’t matter that she’s not right for women, they would only care that her gender was enough for them to allow women to have their moment.

But hey, she’s not their nominee anyhow. Donald Trump is. And that’s even worse.

Donald Trump Is The Anti-Woman Candidate

Now, Republicans have a candidate who is not only bigoted — just look at Paul Ryan’s response to Donald Trump for confirmation — but also sexist and misogynistic. And so, the Republican Party has finally sealed their fate with a platform that is the complete opposite of common sense, against progress, and anti-American.

We can take joy in seeing the hilariously horrific response by the Republican Party when they realized they were stuck with a garbage-fire, and now we can watch them be rejected by the American people and the world, as they continue to be dismissive of Clinton and try their best to take this moment away from women.

As we come closer to the general election, the Republican Party will continue to feed into the narrative of Hillary Clinton’s emails, yet another refrain of ‘Benghazi, Benghazi’, and they will continue to recycle news about her “possible” indictment. All of it sheer propaganda — which has worked well enough to slow down her ability to be instantly recognized as a symbolic figure.

At least one conservative “feminist” has come out to say how disgusted she is that Clinton is the choice, given her “criminal” record, in order to keep creating doubt among people who do not follow politics, which is what the Republican Party is counting on.

Now that the Republican Party has Donald Trump as their leader, a man who has not only attacked Fiorina, but Elizabeth Warren along with Hillary Clinton; they’ve got the perfect alpha male figure that the party has always represented to try to keep a woman down.

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