Ron Reagan Makes A Case For Why The Gipper Would Be A Liberal Among Modern Republicans

Every time there is a national election in the U.S., the American people have to collectively endure Republican candidates comparing themselves to the party’s savior, President Ronald Reagan. Not a single one is even close to being the next President Reagan, nor is Reagan the man they think he is, but that doesn’t matter much. What matters more is the idea of President Reagan.

The former President’s son Ron Reagan, thinks they’re all sick and their love affair with his father makes him want to take a bath.

Friday Sept. 25, Ron appeared on Real Time with Bill Maher, and made the right-wing look like kooky fanatics for his father.

Maher asked Ron a question from the audience, “Ron Reagan, what explains Republicans obsession with your father?”

Ron explained:

“Well, he is better than Nixon I guess. Who else do they have, really? Every election cycle they trot him out again. He is like a fetish object. They are all going to stroke the Gipper. Stroke the Ronnie there.”

Bahaha! In ten seconds Ron makes the Republicans look like 16-year-old girls at a 1960’s Beatles concert.

But then he got serious and laid out a serious case as to why modern Republicans clinging to bits of his father, while ignoring other inconvenient bits is insanity:

“The question arises as to whether he would be welcomed into today’s Republican Party.

“I think if you look at the record, when he was governor of California he signed a liberal abortion law. As president he raised taxes after he cut them. He found out that cutting them didn’t really work. Amnesty for 3 million immigrants. Two hundred marines killed in Lebanon, the barracks bombing.  He did not go to war in Iraq as a result. And when an ozone hole opened up over the South Pole due to us putting chlorofluorocarbons into the atmosphere, that is a refrigerant of course, he did not decide that this was a liberal hoax designed to deprive us of cold beer. He actually did something about it and encouraged everybody else to do something too.”

This is all true, Reagan also increased federal spending, engaged the Middle East, ended the Cold War, and increased restrictions on guns. Today’s Republicans are completely insane to think they are Reagan’s shining legacies. And it takes some serious mental gymnastics to understand why conservatives trot a mythical version of Reagan out as their modern-day hero. Ron certainly knows that today, he wouldn’t be welcome in the Republican party as their leader.

Maher said, “I forget what a giant liberal Ronald Reagan was,” and then adding, “Well I mean he also said that Medicare is socialism that would rob us of our freedoms.”

To which Ron hilariously says, “Well, he had his moments.”

Maher and Ron then laughed about Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s weird obsession with President Reagan, Maher citing that Gov. Walker purposely got married on the Gipper’s birthday and they celebrate by eating the late President’s favorite foods. Ron then shivers and says that makes him want to bathe himself.

This isn’t the first time Ron has had to set the right-wing straight on his father’s record, this year the President’s son ripped Bill O’Reilly a new one in an interview with Media Matters for America for O’Reilly’s book Killing Reagan.

Ron said:

Bill O’Reilly is not somebody who as far as I can tell really invests a lot of time or energy in the truth. He’s a snake oil salesman, he’s a huckster, he’s a carnival barker, but that’s about it. He’s not a journalist. I don’t consider him to be that. Is it annoying when anyone writes crap about your parents or your family members, loved ones? Yeah.

“It bothers me, yes, that they’re using him for whatever purpose they have in mind. They’ll just take whatever idea they have and they’ll just slap his name on it and hope that that just gets them over. Certainly I don’t feel good about that. I don’t pay all that much mind to it any more than I pay to, say, Bill O’Reilly’s forays into history.

Watch the hilarious exchange uploaded byEgberto Willies:

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