Sarah Huckabee Sanders: Who Cares If Trump's Hate Mongering BS is Fake News?

Sarah Huckabee Sanders: Who Cares If Trump’s Hate Mongering BS is Fake News?

Sanders Offers Double Standard in Defense of Trump Slinging A Fake Islamophobic Video

Donald Trump has arguably stirred up more twitter controversies than anyone else in the ten-year history of the platform. And for the last four months, it’s been Sarah Huckabee Sanders’ job to clean it up. Wednesday morning, unfortunately, was no different. When the president retweeted a series of anti-Islamic videos from a white-ethnocentric British organization with ties to Neo-Nazi groups, criticism was swift on both sides of the Atlantic.

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The British government rapidly responded to Trump promoting the Britain First propaganda, releasing a statement from Prime Minister Theresa May saying:

“British people overwhelmingly reject the prejudiced rhetoric of the far right which is the antithesis of the values that this country represents – decency, tolerance, and respect. It is wrong for the President to have done this.”

Compounding the controversy is that at least one of the videos now appears to have nothing to do with Islam. Reverb Press noted when the story first broke:

The first allegations of manipulation have already begun to surface, with the Dutch Broadcast Foundation reporting:

The video appears to have originated in May and is from the Dutch site Dumpert. He is no longer there. According to weblog GeenStijl and De Telegraaf, the perpetrator was found and it turned out to be no Muslim or migrant at all.

Note: excerpt translated via Google Translation

Sanders: It’s OK When Fake News Comes From The White House

The White House press secretary didn’t seem to care, however, that the president was spreading lies. According to CNBC White House correspondent Christina Wilkie, Sanders told reporters off camera that the truth was irrelevant compared to the Trump agenda:

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Not surprisingly, the irony is elevated by the fact that Trump followed his Islamophobic re-tweeting spree with yet another series of claims that traditional American media is so-called “Fake News”:

But of course, “fake news” is fine when it stirs up fear and pushes the administration’s failing agenda.

And while it’s clearly mind bogglingly hypocritical for the President of the United States to spread lies, hoaxes, and conspiracy theories while simultaneously calling the real news fake, Trump has found a way to make that even more repugnant. Because, really, for a man with Donald Trump’s kind of history to point fingers about sexual assault or harassment as a tool to further undermine the media, while there are 13 women who’ve pointed the finger at him, and both audio and video of him making disturbingly sexist remarks exists, is the kind of sheer audacious hypocrisy that used to end political careers as fast as NBC just ended Matt Lauer’s career.

In this situation, Robert Mueller can’t finish his work fast enough.

Photo credit: Wikimedia Commons; Donald J Trump on Twitter