Sarah Huckabee Sanders Sounded Like a Broken Record After Cohen's Guilty Plea

Sarah Huckabee Sanders Sounded Like a Broken Record After Cohen’s Guilty Plea

“He did nothing wrong, there are no charges against him.” That’s what White House Lie Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, said over and over again in a press briefing after the earthshaking revelations, in former Trump attorney Michael Cohen’s guilty plea, that Cohen committed campaign finance crimes to cover up Trump’s pornstar affairs, in order to affect the outcome of the 2016 election, and did so at the Donald Trump’s personal direction.

To the question “Did President Trump commit a crime”, Sanders answered with a nervous “ahhh” followed by, “as the President said, we’ve stated many times, he did nothing wrong, there are no charges against him,” then another nervous “ahh” that turned into an “umm”, before “and we’ve commented on this extensively.”

To “then why not report these payments,” Sanders replied with “again, I’m not going to get into the back and forth details, I can tell you as the President has said on multiple occasions…” At this point, her eyes shift to the podium, and you can actually hear the quotation marks as she carries on, “He did nothing wrong, there are no charges against him in this, and just because Michael Cohen made a plea deal doesn’t mean that that implicates the President on anything.”

Next came “can you stand here today and say the President has never lied to the American people, because so many people now look back at that tape of him on Air Force One saying he knew nothing about these payments, when in fact we now know that he knew everything about these payments. So has he lied?” To which Sanders actually had the gall to reply, “look, again, I think that’s an ridiculous accusation,” before the needle skipped and, with perhaps a Freudian slip, Sanders continued, “the President, in this matter, has done nothing wrong, and there are no charges against him.”

Then Fox News Correspondent John Roberts tried to throw Sanders a bone to gnaw on (and a plug to his network). Asking, “the President has said in an interview with Fox News’ Ainsley Earnhardt this morning that this could not have been an illegal campaign contribution because he gave the money. He put more than sixty million dollars into his campaign, so how do you draw the line between — I mean, maybe this didn’t flow through the campaign — but how do you draw the line between what’s a campaign contribution and what might have been a payment to somebody for other purposes.” To that Sanders replied with more of the same. She’s not going to get into the “back and forth”, and Trump “did nothing wrong”, and there are “no charges against him.”

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This is a prime example of why Sanders is destined to go down in history as one of the most feckless and despicable liars of American history (along with the rest of Con-Artist in Chief’s cadre of prevaricators, shills, and apologists). Because, really, it’s a “ridiculous accusation” to suggest the President may have lied to the American people when we have the lie on tape? Come on. She may as well say that water isn’t wet and fire doesn’t burn. But then, that’s what we’ve come to expect from the shameless “alternative facts” and “truth isn’t truth” mouthpieces surrounding Trump.

Because it’s not just how Sanders sounded like a broken record today, it’s the way she and the rest of Trump’s lie squad, led by the President himself, have broken records for lying. And how, in the lens of history, they’ve been doing so since even before the long time self promoting blowhard turned birther, turned conspiracy nut con-artist in chief announced his run for President.

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And now we’re supposed to just swallow that the President “did nothing wrong” simply because, as Sanders so slyly suggests, there are “no charges” filed against Trump? Hardly. Because although I’ve just burned 633 words discussing this, Sanders’ defense of Trump can be deflected in just one word… Yet.

There are no charges filed against President Trump… yet.

But his own former attorney and close confidant has just implicated him as a co-conspirator in campaign finance crimes, committed on Trump’s orders, to cover up truths about the President’s infidelities with porn stars, which would have likely caused him to lose the election, had they not been covered up. And this from an attorney who just plead guilty to 8 criminal counts, including some involving the President.

And his former campaign chairman was just convicted of 8 counts, including serious “high crimes” of the treasonous variety, including secretly acting as an agent of foreign countries. And then there’s Mike Flynn, and George Papadopoulous, and that’s still just the tip of the iceberg.

So something tells me that the argument that there are no charges against Trump himself, personally, and so he must not have done anything wrong, won’t hold up for long. As Rachel Maddow likes to say, “watch this space”…