Sean Hannity Compared Trump's Russia Fiasco To This Conspiracy Theory He Himself Pushed

Sean Hannity Compared Trump’s Russia Fiasco To This Conspiracy Theory He Himself Pushed

Sean Hannity Compares The Trump-Russia Investigations To The ‘Birther’ Movement… Apparently Forgetting That Time He Was A Birther

If Alex Jones is the maestro or conductor in a symphony of wacky right-wing conspiracy theorists, Sean Hannity is the lead tuba player. I imagine there are lots of tubas in that symphony. And crash cymbals. And probably a few xylophones. Okay, I’m getting off message here… sorry about that.

Sean Hannity has a lengthy history of propping up right-wing conspiracies, most recently with his absurd Seth Rich murder theories which nearly cost him all of his advertisers. Hannity has pushed so many of these conspiracy theories, in fact, that it would seem he’s struggling to keep track of which ones he believes in and which ones he doesn’t. And on Monday, the Fox News host stumbled into proving precisely that.

During his show on Monday, Sean Hannity rather laughably compared investigations into Russia’s meddling in the 2016 presidential election to the right-wing conspiracy theory of birtherism.

For the 3 percent of you reading this who don’t remember what that was, birthers were right-wing loons who believed President Barack Obama’s birth certificate was a forgery, which of course opened up the door for those same nuts to make up whatever ludicrous theories their feeble minds could conceptualize. Was Obama born in Kenya? Iran? Is he a Martian? The sky was (and also wasn’t) the limit when it came to people inventing backstories for our 44th POTUS, who for the record was absolutely, undeniably, definitely born in Hawaii.

Donald Trump was, for a time anyway, the de facto leader of the birther movement, insisting Obama’s birth certificate was fraudulent, and at one point promising to send private investigators to Hawaii to dig up dirt on Obama. Apart from sun tans and a new appreciation for Mai Tai drinks, those supposed investigators came home with bupkis… if they even existed to begin with.

On Monday, Hannity made a point of using the birtherism theory as a symbol of lunacy, drawing a line between it and the forever-mounting questions regarding Russia’s involvement in the 2016 presidential race, as well as Donald Trump’s ties to Russia and his potential involvement in their apparent tampering.

“This has now become, like, ‘Russia-Trump-conspiracy-birther-conspiracy.'”

There’s just one problem there, Sean. One obvious, glaring, hilarious mega-fail of a problem: You’re forgetting the time when you yourself were a birther. Whoopsie!

Tuesday morning, former George W. Bush speechwriter David Frum took to Twitter to point out that Sean Hannity himself was actually a birther, and in a moment as hilarious as it is ironic, Hannity actually spoke with none other than Donald Trump in 2012 to discuss their theories that Barack Obama’s birth certificate was forged.

Insert campy onomatopoetic face-palming sounds from Adam West’s Batman show here. Not that Sean Hannity would ever in a million years admit to how comically absurd his comments on Monday were, of course.

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