Spicer Calls Himself an 'Embarrassment' - Plus 5 Other Crazy Moments From Latest Interview

Spicer Calls Himself an ‘Embarrassment’ – Plus 5 Other Crazy Moments From Latest Interview

Sean Spicer Admits Regrets During His Time In Donald Trump White House

Former Press Secretary Sean Spicer made an appearance on MSNBC this afternoon with host Craig Melvin that was similar to his time at the White House: completely bananas.

The former Donald Trump administration official was asked about a variety of subjects regarding both his time in the Executive branch and some current events. And true to his nature, he didn’t disappoint in giving a number of eye-catching sound bites.

When asked about the now-infamously biased confidential memo Republicans are clamoring to have the public see, Spicer disagreed with the GOP on one particular point.  It was reported Republicans did not want the FBI and the DOJ to take a look at it before releasing the memo. Spicer objected to that by saying (full video below):

I would actually agree that I think, until people at the Justice Department have an opportunity to look at it, we would not want to do anything that would compromise sources and methods…The president would be well served by having people at the Justice Department look at it.

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The interview turned to reports that Donald Trump had to be stopped from firing Special Counsel Robert Mueller last year. Sean Spicer pushed back by playing stupid. When asked if the claims were made up, he heard no evil and saw no evil.

I didn’t say it was made up. What I’m saying is that I didn’t see anything in my tenure, nor did I talk to anybody during the time that I was there that witnessed anything similar to what that was. 

In other words, it could be true, but the Press Secretary wasn’t told about it. Which, in reality, doesn’t mean a whole lot.

Then comes another moment of hypocrisy from people around Donald Trump. The questions turn to GOP silence over sexual misconduct allegations against now-resigned Republican National Committee finance chair Steve Wynn. Spicer answers while clearly forgetting who he worked for in the White House.

I’ve been pretty outspoken with respect to all sexual harassment. All allegations should be taken seriously. 

I seem to forget all those times Sean Spicer spoke up for the many, many accusers of Trump. Probably because that never really happened.

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After being shown a few clips of his most egregious lies, the Republican then concedes he did some really bad things as Press Secretary.

Did I make mistakes?…Absolutely. Do I hope I grow as a person, as a friend, as a stranger to do better? Absolutely…I regret things that I did that brought embarrassment to myself, my family, friends of mine…I screwed up.

No argument here!

Toward the end of the interview, Sean Spicer is asked about how Donald Trump acts behind closed doors when mistakes are made. Considering the many reports of Trump’s notorious temper, it’s certainly a fair question.

When asked “was he ever mean to you”, Spicer responded:

No, he was never mean. He’s tough…Most of the time, he actually said “hey, I know you were trying really hard. We’ll get over this.” 

Yes, the caring and forgiving image of Donald Trump that, let’s face it, approximately no one will ever even begin to believe. Nice try, though.

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Once again, Sean Spicer hands us another plethora of sound bites that are almost too much to keep up with. But what else can we expect at this point? He is what he is.

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