Shep Smith Eviscerates Trump: '30 Years Of This, I Never Recall Anything' Like It (VIDEO)

Shep Smith Eviscerates Trump: ’30 Years Of This, I Never Recall Anything’ Like It (VIDEO)

Fox News Host Rips Donald Trump For ‘Crazy’, ‘Untrue’ Lines While Avoiding Russia Questions

The one-word understatement of the day after the news conference given by President Donald Trump was uttered by many: wow. He was confusing. He was combative. He was insulting. He lied about his electoral college victory, once again. And for Shep Smith of Fox News, it was just too much.

Smith could barely contain his anger and incredulousness after spectacle. Smith started out by saying something that needs to continue being said until something changes:

This president keeps telling untrue things and he does it every single time he’s in front of the microphone.

Smith then rips into Trump over the administration’s shadiness with any question related to Russia. After a couple minutes of that and defending Jim Acosta of CNN, he really let loose:

It’s crazy what we’re watching everyday…He keeps repeating ridiculous, throwaway lines that are not true at all and…avoiding this issue of Russia as if we’re some kind of fools for asking the question. Really!?

Your opposition was hacked and the Russians were responsible for it. And your people were on the phone with Russia on the same day it was happening and we’re fools for asking the questions? No, sir! We are not fools for asking this question and we demand to know the answer to this question. You owe this to the American people…If your people were on the phone with them, what were they saying? We have a right to know.

Smith didn’t let up after that. He even went to the point of mocking some of Trump’s answers and conspiracy theories with his guests.

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It’s clear Shep Smith has reached his boiling point with Donald Trump and justifiably so. The world of journalism needs this type of integrity in these times.

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