Shocking Report: Insiders Claim Trump in Early Stages of Dementia

Shocking Report: Campaign Insiders Claim Trump in Early Stages of Dementia (VIDEO)

Does Trump have dementia?

A new report from MSNBC “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough suggests something that has been feared since Trump was elected President, and that is that he has a mental illness. Speaking to the public, Scarborough revealed that people who worked on the Trump Campaign disclosed to him that the President is in the early stages of dementia, defined as a series of disorders characterized by memory loss, communication problems, and shifts in reasoning and judgment.

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That latter trait is what is most troubling given that, as President of the United States, Trump is capable of making decisions that can literally alter the geopolitical landscape. The worst case scenario is, of course, a renewal of the Korean War, but there have been other horrible choices made by him and his Administration that have affected millions of lives, from the gutting of Obamacare, banning aid to foreign countries, and his current attempts to get rid of net neutrality.

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Americans are already familiar with the effects of dementia on a President, going back to Ronald Reagan who was revealed to have suffered from Alzheimer’s while in office, which may have impacted his decisions related to the Cold War, such as the Iran-Contra affair.

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Scarborough went on to refer to reports from the New York Daily News and The New York Times that raised large questions about the President’s mental health, though other publications like The Washington Post and The Guardian have also come forward with questions about it. While mental illnesses are continuing to be researched and fully understood, a sitting President receiving this many proposed diagnoses is unprecedented.

Check out the video below with the information:

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