TERZI: Where Are All These Awesome 'Deals' Trump Was Supposed To Make?

TERZI: Where Are All These Awesome ‘Deals’ Trump Was Supposed To Make?

Donald Trump’s Supposed Business Acumen So Far Hasn’t Done His Administration A Single Favor

It’s something you heard time and time again from Trump supporters during the 2016 election cycle. Trump’s experience in the business world, they reckoned, negated any need he might otherwise have for experience in politics, or even knowledge of the political process, neither of which he ever had, then or now.

“President” Trump — I’ll keep saying “President” in quotes until he starts acting presidential —  wouldn’t need political experience or knowledge. He knew the business world, and he knew how to negotiate fantastic deals. He didn’t need to understand or even appreciate the delicate nature of international diplomacy; he could simply walk into a room with whomever he needed to negotiate with, dish out that awkward, aggressive handshake of his, say a few words, and poof! America got whatever Trump wanted America to have. It was as simple as pie… right?

Conservatives made it all sound so comically easy that you’d expect the Trump administration to have had a transformative effect on the United States within his first 100 days in office. It was a cakewalk. A slam-dunk. A milk run.

So here we are, 63 days in as I’m writing this, and what has the Trump administration accomplished? How many of those awe-inspiring, deftly-negotiated deals has America’s first orange president made? What has he done with his time in office so far?


Trump promised a deal with Mexico to fund his asinine border wall. That fell through; now he’s asking taxpayers to foot the bill, something he claimed wouldn’t happen. He promised to renegotiate the Iran nuclear deal, but he hasn’t actually tried to do that as far as we know. He claimed he’d renegotiate NAFTA and make wonderful new trade deals, but that hasn’t happened. A new deal with Cuba? Nothing to report on that front, either.

And Then There’s Today’s Trumptastic Fail-Fest…

Trump talked a big game with regards to his ability to negotiate deals, but thus far, we haven’t seen any of that, apart from the Carrier deal that gave him a few days of decent press before America figured out it wasn’t as amazing as he made it out to be.

And then, in walks today’s glaring, painful, almost laughable example of Trump’s inability to negotiate as brilliantly as he claims: a suspended vote on repealing The Affordable Care Act, aka “Obamacare.”

This was a cornerstone of Trump’s presidential campaign. It’s the number-one issue conservatives have been clamoring to see resolved for the past seven years. The ACA has been the one thing conservatives hated more than anything else. Ben Carson even referred to it as being “worse than 9/11” on one occasion.

But despite all the anger, all the bitter and totally unfounded shouts of “socialism” and other nonsense, Trump couldn’t negotiate a deal with his own party to eliminate the thing conservatives hate the most.

Actually, it’s worse than that: Trump couldn’t negotiate with the alt-right fringer nutjobs of the Freedom Caucus. That’s even more embarrassing. That’s like sitting down with two people who love pizza, two people who want pizza for dinner above all else, and then failing to negotiate what to order for dinner because they couldn’t agree on the toppings. There’s failure, and then there’s whatever the hell you’d call that.

Where Are These Awesome Deals Trump Promised?

With only 37 days left out of his first 100, “President” Donald Trump is running out of time to show America and the world that his ability to negotiate awe-inspiring deals is legitimate; that he has truly mastered “The Art Of The Deal,” as his book title suggests.

So far, we haven’t seen this mythically great business leader his supporters had held in such high esteem. Instead we’ve seen a petulant, orange, whiney man-child who golfs too much and spouts conspiracy theories on Twitter while sitting on the toilet at four in the morning… the same toilet where you can find his abysmal approval ratings, which have already managed to dip lower than President Obama’s record low from eight full years in office. That’s not exactly a “First 100 Days” legacy historians are going to look back upon fondly.

As it stands, I doubt Donald Trump could successfully negotiate much of anything. We haven’t seen a single lick of evidence of that supposed business acumen he so brazenly campaigned on, and his alleged ability to craftily negotiate epic deals hasn’t yet been seen from anyone in his administration, let alone from The Donald himself.

Where is Trump’s presidency headed, then, without these loftily-guaranteed deals of his? I suppose we’ll have to ask the students of Trump University what lessons they learned from that venture. Or the pilots of Trump Airlines how high they’re soaring from his deals there. Or how about those who bought Trump Steaks and what flavor those left in their mouths?

Some of Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign supporters are already feeling that same third-degree burn. Many of the others will obviously feel it in time, too. Because in 2020, He’s going to have to negotiate the biggest deal of his career, one in which he’ll try to convince voters to back him a second time. And like so many of Trump’s failures as a president and countless more as a businessman, that’s a deal that is going to ultimately fall through.

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