He’s Been A Trump Advisor For Decades And His Words Will Disgust You

It’s true Donald Trump says some crazy and truly hateful things, along with some stuff that is downright creepy. In that respect, he is the gift that keeps on projectile vomiting. But, as hard as it is to believe, some of the people closest to him are far, far worse.

Meet self-proclaimed “ultimate Trump loyalist Roger Stone. Stone was originally an advisor to the Trump campaign but, very early on in the running, either quit or was fired, depending on who you ask. Trump and Stone’s relationship goes back to 1979 and Stone has been an advisor to Trump’s previous failed campaigns for the White House. The conservative National Review described Stone’s exit from the Trump campaign as “akin to George W. Bush without Karl Rove or Barack Obama without David Axelrod.”

So, he’s a professional political aficionado, right? What could he possibly say that is as bad or worse than Trump? A lot. His now deleted Tweets speak for themselves:

Stone deleted tweets in which he wrote that commentator Roland Martin is a “stupid negro” and a “fat negro,” Allen West is an “arrogant know-it-all negro,” New York Times columnist Gail Collins is an “elitist c*nt,” NBC’s Tom Brokaw is “senile,” and MSNBC host Rachel Maddow is “Rachel the muff-diver.” He also deleted tweets in which he tweeted “DIE BITCH” at former New York Times executive editor Jill Abramson, wondered “Which female Politico Reporter goes commando regularly,” and offered a cash reward to anyone who “punches out” MSNBC host Chris Matthews.

Stone, who still regularly appears on Fox News and Fox Business, also today deleted many of his tweets targeting Fox News personalities following news of his MSNBC ban. Stone mocked contributor Charles Krauthammer — who was paralyzed in a diving accident when he was in medical school — by telling him to “stand the fuck up,” suggested he wants “to bash Bill O’Reilly’s head in,” called contributor Herman Cain “Mandingo,” and said anchor Megyn Kelly has a “nice set of cans.”  

And that isn’t all of them. There’s plenty more and I encourage anyone who can still read their screen because they haven’t thrown something at it to click the link to Media Matters and check out the others he deleted.

No One Rational Enough To Defend Trump On Cable News?

Stone’s putrid personal attacks on virtually everyone he ever sees has gotten him banned from CNN and MSNBC, despite the networks being desperate to find reasonable Trump supporters to make appearances. The Washington Post describes the problem almost facetiously:

A good Trump surrogate — or at least one who won’t send a TV segment careening off the rails — can be hard to find. Media outlets aren’t really in a position to scratch names off an already-short list.

Stone’s mouth gets him in as much trouble as his Tweets. Just a few days ago he threatened to give out the hotels and room numbers of the delegates not supporting Trump in the event of a contested GOP convention. He informed supporters that he’ll tell them who the “culprits” are then urged them to find them. Hmm. Using intimidation to influence the conduct of government. Kinda sounds like the FBI’s exact definition of a particular act. Just saying.

While Stone’s words are shocking, his unwavering support of the GOP front-runner really isn’t at this point. We have seen some very ugly things at Trump rallies as his supporters haven’t been shy about their actions. And Trump himself hasn’t run away from his most vile advocates and his campaign has no problem catering to them. So, we shouldn’t be the least bit surprised by Stone’s rhetoric.

But Stone was one of Trump’s closest political advisors for decades and it’s an indication of the type of people in which Trump surrounds himself and asks for guidance. We have to ask, do we really want this type of person being appointed to a Trump cabinet? The answer should be obvious.

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