Katy Tur didn’t dance to Trump’s Tune — And he’s pissed

At a Wednesday rally in Miami, Florida, Donald Trump once again took the opportunity to badger NBC’s Katy Tur. He started off whining about the media that never shows the “incredible group” of knuckle-draggers er, I mean, “people” at his rallies. Then he set his sights on Tur.

Referring to the large crowds that his rallies attract, Trump repeatedly said “There’s something happening, Katy.” Then he moved on to more yammering about his border wall.

Tur first ran afoul of Trump at a rally in December, in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina.

What upset the Donald?

She merely reported that Trump had left the stage early during an appearance in Raleigh, North Carolina. That minor statement was all Trump needed to attack his evil nemesis: the media. And Tur in particular.

“What a lie it was,” he retorted. “What a lie. Katy Tur. What a lie it was.

“Third. Rate. Reporter. Remember that.”

That taunt was enough to bring out the inner stupid that lodges itself firmly in vast hordes of his supporters and they began verbally tormenting her. It was bad enough that she needed protection from the Secret Service to in order to leave the rally.

Writing for Marie Claire, Tur noted the crowd turned on her “like a large animal, angry and unchained.” In the aftermath, the Secret Service took the “extraordinary” precaution of walking her to her car.

In June, while appearing on Fox News’ Fox & Friends, Trump couldn’t resist another dig at Tur, saying that his campaign doesn’t “let her in” because “she’s not a very good reporter.”

And his speech in Miami was weird (what else is new?) and rambling.

Somehow, he managed to lump Hillary Clinton, President Obama, building up the military, jobs, and building the now infamous and so far, fortunately, imaginary wall between the U.S. and Mexico, and poor Katy Tur— all in one insane paragraph. Which you can watch in the video below.

“There’s something happening,” Trump whined. “They’re not reporting it. Katy, you’re not reporting it, Katy (is he a parrot or something?) A Trump administration will also secure and defend the borders of the United States. And yes, we will build the wall.”

And after he singled her out, Tur found herself being heckled once again. Which was duly noted on Twitter.

Jezebel notes:

“Though Trump has singled out numerous female reporters for harassment, including Michelle Fields and Megyn Kelly, his obsession with Tur stands out for its persistence and pettiness. What’s perhaps worse is that Trump knows the effect of his words, that his singling out of Tur will end with threats and harassment for her, and yet doesn’t stop. It’s almost as if harassment and intimidation are an integral part of his campaign.”

I really don’t think there’s any doubt Trump uses harassment and intimidation. He certainly bullies Tur. You can see that in the video below, when he badgered her last year.

I don’t know if my feelings are right on this, but I really believe Trump hates women. He is the absolute worst misogynist I’ve ever heard. Fact that this poor woman had to have the Secret Service escort her to her car because of his creepy supporters speaks volumes. In the video below, he calls her out just because she didn’t do what he wanted her to do.

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