Professional Loud Mouth Donald Trump Brags About Shooting People

Trump finally did it. The Republican presidential candidate has managed to resemble Adolf Hilter and former Vice President Dick Cheney at the same time. What a feat!

For some odd reason, while in the midst of bragging about his poll numbers during a campaign rally, Trump said:

They say I have the most loyal people […] I could stand in the middle of 5th Avenue and shoot somebody and I wouldn’t lose voters.”

Pretty irresponsible considering the issue of gun violence in the country. For Christ’s sake—our country is still healing from the Sandy Hook shooting, San Bernardino, the Charleston Shooting, the daily shootings in cities, and the countless accidental shootings by children who can, unfortunately, get their hands on guns. But of course in the la la land of Donald Trump, it’s perfectly reasonable to compare shooting someone to the dedication of his fans.

The worst of it, shamefully, is that Trump is correct. His base is very dedicated to him, and in their eyes, Trump can do no wrong. This exists due to the rise of the “white victimization,” mentality, the never-ending era of Sarah Palin’s “take our country back” resentment, and the overzealous political correctness environment.

His “shooting people,” comment comes mere days after he reached out to @WhiteGenocideTM via Twitter. This account @WhiteGenocideTM showcases very controversial photos, including one of Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders in a gas chamber. Sanders is Jewish and is a serious contender against Clinton for the Democratic nomination. Also, Sanders is beating Trump in the polls. We all know Trump hates to lose. Regardless, whether Trump is in competition mode of not, it doesn’t dismiss the indecency.

Image of Bernie Sanders in a gas chamber and Donald Trump dressed in a Nazi. Screen grab courtesy of Forward.

Trump Bring Shames To Our Democracy

We are a country of free speech, gun rights, and individual freedom. But we’re also a country of responsibility, humanity, and moral clarity. Not only does Trump continue to evade many of these principles, his supporters continue to dismiss his lack of moral character, bigotry, racism, sexism, and xenophobia. In fact, the more bombastic his rhetoric, the more the far-right and Tea Party fancies Trump; not to mention some independents and midwestern liberals.

First, Trump announced he wanted to force Mexico to build a wall to forbid drug dealing and “rapist” Mexicans from entering the United States. Not only was his comment horribly racist, and an unfounded negative stereotype of immigrants, but immigration of Mexicans in this country has actually declined, not surged. Not to mention, those who do reside in this country, whether legally or illegally, are productive members of our society. Trump’s comments were fear mongering at its best.

Unfortunately, his divisive rhetoric has worsened. He falsely accused the #BlackLivesMattermovement of supporting violence against the police. He declared we should deport the Syrian refugees — and surprisingly his comment was not too far-fetched from Texas Senator Ted Cruz, who prophesied we should only admit Christian Syrians. Trump wants to ban Muslims from the country until properly vetted. Of course, a proper vetting process already exists. Ironically, the latest attacks from daesh in this country are from American Muslims, born and raised, who sadly have become radicalized. Besides, only a tiny fraction of American Muslims support the actions and ideology of daesh. The vast majority have stood against the terrorist organization.

What’s The Matter With Americans?

These tacky comments are but a mere fraction of Trump’s verbal garbage. The more he spurs hate, the more his poll numbers rise. Currently, he holds a 19 point lead in the GOP presidential race. At some point, we have to ask, “What’s the matter with Americans?” because Trump is always going to be Trump.

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