This story was reported based on information from several sources. Upon further review, those sources seem to have come from a single source with unverifiable information. While possible, there is no evidence that we are comfortable with at this time that Donald Trump has received any intelligence briefings before making his comments on Friday. We hereby retract this story. We sincerely apologize for any confusion. — Reverb Press

Trump is now complaining “we pay rent for our base to Saudi Arabia”

— Ben Jacobs (@Bencjacobs) July 29, 2016

If there is now a US military base in Saudi, it is classified and mentioning it should have legal consequences.

— Yaroslav Trofimov (@yarotrof) July 29, 2016

@_DanMangan @yarotrof @Bencjacobs If he signed the secrecy agreement already as part of getting the briefing, he could be prosecuted.

— Bradley P. Moss, Esq (@BradMossEsq) July 30, 2016

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