Trump Panics About Russia Probe In Tweetstorm, As Mueller Closes In

Trump Panics About Russia Probe In Tweetstorm, As Mueller Closes In

The President is running scared

Every time there is a new development in the Russia probe, there is an almost clockwork-level response from President Trump: he either makes a public statement degrading the investigation or proceeds to go on a Twitter storm.

This time around, the most recent news was that Special Counsel Robert Mueller would be looking into his business records. This in turn prompted Trump to head to Twitter where, between last Sunday, March 18, to Monday, March 19, he attacked the probe, saying it should never have been created and that the team was full of Democrats and Hillary supporters:

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First of all, it’s glaring that the President thinks that there should not even be an investigation into the possibility of a crime, as though he’s somehow above the law. As though he should be immune to even the detective work of finding out if there was a crime, no matter how much reason there is to suspect one. As though this really were the dictatorship where he’s President for Life that he dreams of. And this from the man who wanted to lock his election opponent Hillary Clinton up, without any investigation needed.

And, as Chuck Todd, Mark Murray and Carrie Dann of NBC News pointed out, there were significant factual flaws in the Saturday tweets as well. First and foremost, Trump’s claim that there was “no collusion” appears blatantly false, as evidenced by Mueller having already charged 19 individuals, including the former head of the Trump Campaign, Paul Manafort. And others, like Trump’s former National Security Adviser Mike Flynn, George Papadapolous, and Manafort’s former business partner Rick Gates, who have plead guilty and are cooperating with the Special Counsel.

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Secondly, Mueller’s probe was not started because of the BuzzFeed Dossier, but because of campaign aide George Papadopolous drunkenly leaking information to an Australian diplomat. And finally, Mueller himself is not a Democrat, but actually registered as a Republican; he worked under George W. Bush as the head of the FBI.

Perhaps because of his party affiliation, Mueller has earned significant support from top Republicans like Trey Gowdy and John McCain, with the latter going so far as to openly tweet his support for Mueller in direct response to Trump’s accusations:

If there is a silver lining to the President’s Twitter storms, it is that they are clearly indicative that something about the Mueller Investigation is worrying him.

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