Trump: Peaceful Protesters 'Shouldn't Be In The Country' (VIDEO)

Trump: Peaceful Protesters ‘Shouldn’t Be In The Country’ (VIDEO)

The President Implied to Fox News that NFL Players who Don’t Stand For The National Anthem Should Leave The Land of the Free

The phrase “Love it or Leave it” has always struck me as curious — particularly the timing of its usage. You never heard it shouted by progressives as the Tea Party claimed President Obama was a tyrant for wanting to expand health care coverage. But when the subject of a conversation is a conservative policy or ideology, the right wing is quite quick to deploy the slogan. Now, however, it’s being propagated by the highest office of the land, and that should disturb everyone. While in the comfortable and loving embrace of Fox and Friends this morning, President Donald Trump suggested that people (particularly NFL players) who don’t share his view on the national anthem should leave the country.

“You have to stand proudly for the national anthem or you shouldn’t be playing, you shouldn’t be there, maybe you shouldn’t be in the country.” 

Take a second to digest what the president said. “You should have to stand proudly”. Have to. He’s literally demanding pride. And he follows that up by claiming you shouldn’t be in America if you’re not proud of America. That line of thinking is the antithesis of pride and patriotism. Do we really need to examine the types of regimes that have demanded loyalty and made patriotic symbolism compulsory?

Voting rights activist and former Missouri Secretary of State Jason Kander eloquently and brilliantly offered an alternative vision of patriotism on twitter in response:

We can no longer afford, as a civilized society, to ignore Donald Trump’s continued assault on all of the institutions that have forged this nation forward over more than two centuries. Peaceful demonstration. A free and open press. The rule of law. We can’t dismiss these outlandish attacks simply because he speaks at a 4th-grade level or his previous job was a game show host.

Just because we don’t take the man seriously doesn’t mean we should have the same nonchalant approach to his message.


Watch Donald Trump Discuss The National Anthem Here:

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Photo Credit: Fox News on YouTube.