So Far So Bad - Trump's First Presidential Approval Poll Makes History In A Very Unsettling Way

So Far So Bad – Trump’s First Presidential Approval Poll Makes History In A Very Unsettling Way

Donald Trump Receives First Grade Card Of New Presidency

Donald Trump is already making history as the 45th President of the United States. In fact, he has achieved something no other president has ever managed to achieve.

The new president’s first job-approval rating has been revealed. And it is the lowest approval rating a new president has ever received. In fact, Trump is the “first elected president with initial sub-50% approval” ratings, Gallup reported.

Gallup released the following figures on Monday. The poll shows that a mere 45% of Americans approve of Trump’s job performance over the course of his first three days. Typically, the first days of a president’s term is considered the “honeymoon phase.” Poll numbers usually reflect a positive image of the incoming president. And it’s typically the high point of the polling. But on Monday, Trump’s numbers show that he is the first president to receive an approval rating of under 50% in the history of the poll, which dates back to 1953.

The Parties Are Split

In addition, another 45% of Americans actively disapprove of how the new president is handling the job. After spending the first three days berating the media, bemoaning the size of his small inaugural crowd, and giving a bizarre, disjointed speech to the CIA, plenty of Americans are less than impressed with his initial performance.

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Unsurprisingly, the two major parties are divided over Trump. The poll shows that 90% of Republicans approve of Trump, in spite of what many see as a negative start to his presidency. A total 81% of Democrats disapprove. Furthermore, a majority of Independents disapprove at 44% , with 40% approving.

Here is the data on other incoming presidents, for comparison:

By any metric, 45% is an obviously failing grade. In comparison with the incoming numbers of the prior presidents, Trump’s low numbers are even more remarkable. But even without them, the recent poll speak clearly enough. Donald Trump is certainly making history…even if it’s not quite the way he envisioned he would.

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