Trump Campaign Promises Rejected 'Bigly' by Bipartisan Congressional Budget

Trump Campaign Promises Rejected ‘Bigly’ by Bipartisan Congressional Budget

Planned Parenthood Funding Stays, The Wall Goes

Republicans and Democrats have reached an agreement to fund the government for the remainder of the fiscal year, avoiding a potential government shutdown. Had a deal not been reached, President Trump would have held the distinction of overseeing a shutdown at an earlier point in his administration than any other presidency.  And that’s about the only victory he can trumpet from the budget, as congress resoundingly rebuffed many of his major campaign promises.

Mother Jones  synopsized the key component of Trump’s budget demands:

President Trump had demanded money for his southern border wall, funding for a new deportation force, spending cuts for “sanctuary cities,” defunding of Planned Parenthood, cuts in science and clean energy spending, and cuts to the NIH


It’s a well-known fact that Congress can’t agree on almost anything, but it appears they’re capable of reaching at least one consensus: Trump’s wishlist was laughable:

  • No new money will be spent on Immigration deportation forces.
  • No federal funding will be cut from so-called “sanctuary cities“.
  • No money for the southern Border Wall will be allocated.
  • The National Institute of Health will see a $2 Billion increase.
  • Clean energy and science funding will see an increase
  • $17 Million increase in energy efficiency
  • Planned Parenthood funding remains intact.

Military Increase One of Few Trump Promises Kept (Kind of)

The budget provides for a $12.5 Billion increase in defense spending, with $2.5 Billion of that sum earmarked for fighting ISIS.  While it looks like a massive increase on paper, however, it’s not even half of the $30 Billion that Trump had sought. Even with the defense spending increase, Democratic lawmakers were eager to take ownership of the negotiations. Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said in a statement:

“The bill ensures taxpayer dollars aren’t used to fund an ineffective border wall, excludes poison pill riders, and increases investments in programs that the middle-class relies on, like medical research, education, and infrastructure. Early on in this debate, Democrats clearly laid out our principles. At the end of the day, this is an agreement that reflects those principles.”

The end result of the budget negotiations might make a more reasonable president reconsider his social media use as well. Over the weekend, Trump tweeted:

Less than 48 hours later, the federal budget provided $295 million to cover a Medicaid funding shortfall in Puerto Rico.

Perhaps his voters should have listened to the experts at Fortune last July when they called him a “charlatan” who knows “the art of illusion” much better than the “art of the deal”. If this spending bill is a sign of his negotiating prowess, his backers should get comfortable with the art of disappointment.

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