Trump Slams Own AG Sessions In Disturbing Tweets - Looks Guiltier Than Ever!

Trump Slams Own AG Sessions In Disturbing Tweets – Looks Guiltier Than Ever!

In an interview with CBS This Morning, just hours after destroying Trump’s “spygate” conspiracy theory, Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) went to President Trump’s defense over wanting to remove Jeff Sessions. The interview follows an evening report by the New York Times which said that the President demanded that his attorney general reverse his initial recusal.

And while ignoring Gowdy’s earlier criticism, the President took to Twitter to seize upon Gowdy’s support. And in so doing, made a disturbing remark.

… and in doing so, attacked his attorney general Jeff Sessions again.

Wow. Gowdy said that Trump could have picked some other lawyer to be Attorney General, and Trump says he wishes he had. And this is even more disturbing when taken directly in the context of the remarks by Gowdy which Trump quoted. After all, it is bizarre to say the least to advance the argument that Trump should be upset because his Attorney General choice didn’t tell him in advance, presumably even without being asked, that as the head of the Department of Justice, he would enforce, and obey the law – instead of protecting criminals from the law (if those criminals include the President, or those close to him, or his allies).

Really? So the President wishes he had picked someone for Attorney General who would have interfered in the probe into Russian interference in our elections? Who would have obstructed justice in the investigation into whether Trump obstructed justice? Does the President not understand that this just screams out that he’s guilty as sin?

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Sessions’ recusal

The NY Times gives more insight into the President’s intent to obstruct justice. Last March, under pressure to recuse himself, Jeff Sessions announced that he would recuse himself from the Trump-Russia investigation. This is an investigation that was being conducted by his Department of Justice (DOJ) and the FBI.

Over the year, more reports have come out showing that the President was furious about his AG’s recusal. Sessions was one of the President’s earliest supporters during Trump’s campaign. The FBI reportedly placed an informant in the campaign which had reason to believe that some campaign aides were colluding with Russian officials.

This was after it was learned that Russian hackers had stolen emails from the Democratic National Committee. The ongoing investigation is looking to see if the campaign colluded with Russian officials and if there was intent by the President to obstruct justice.

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Sessions Humiliated

It was reported that when the President went off on Sessions, that he called him an “idiot” and demanded his resignation. Sessions went through the process of turning it in but White House aides convinced Trump not to accept it. Republicans have threatened to not replace the attorney general if the President got rid of him. Jeff Sessions was apparently humiliated. He reportedly told another official that he had never been spoken to like that in his entire career.

The President has continued to go after Sessions ever since his recusal, openly saying that he should have never recused himself. House Republicans have shown more support for the President since he’s been in office. They’ve also gone after Sessions for not stopping the current investigation, which already has 19 indictments and several guilty pleas. Many feel that the recent report shows intent by the President to obstruct justice.

Here is the interview with Rep. Gowdy where he defends the President’s outrage at Sessions.

And a CNN discussion of Trump’s reaction:

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