Trump: This Thanksgiving, Give Thanks for Me, Me, ME!

Trump: This Thanksgiving, Give Thanks for Me, Me, ME!

Trump has a unique way of celebrating Thanksgiving

Even with the polarized nature of American politics, the holidays have consistently been a time where everyone comes together to celebrate the bigger picture of unity. OK, so maybe it’s not uncommon to argue over politics at the table on Thanksgiving, but at least everyone comes to the table. At the end of the day, everyone is equal and human, and we need to embrace that feeling whenever the opportunity arises.

That is unless you are Donald J. Trump. Widely recognized as an extreme narcissist even before he became President, Trump’s actions both on the campaign trail and in the White House have been designed to maximize his personal image whilst shutting down the contributions of others. We thought we saw this at its worst when he accepted a veteran’s Purple Heart, despite being a draft dodger, but, like with most things, Trump has managed to lower the bar each month.

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Cue his first ever Thanksgiving as President of the United States. Despite having a bully pulpit to spread some degree of connectivity and togetherness for the American people, Trump has decided to take a different route of promoting his own self-image. As readers may recall, there was an incident recently where three basketball players from UCLA were arrested for shoplifting. They were detained in the country and reportedly faced considerable jail time till the US federal government stepped in and got them released.

Trump took a lot of credit for this, as is his right to claim as the chief diplomat of the US, in spite of the numerous other individuals that no doubt helped with the bureaucratic nature of the process. All three players also issued a public thanks to him. However the father of one of the players, LaVar Ball, was evidently much more cynical about the whole ordeal, stating that he believed Trump was making a bigger deal out of it than it was. Rather than leave the issue well enough alone, Trump insisted on responding that he should have just left the athletes to wither away in a Chinese jail.

Got that? The President of the United States said he should have let American citizens languish in a foreign prison because one of their relatives was reluctant to praise him.

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Apparently Trump was after more than brown nosing, however. He’s not satisfied to take his own measure of credit, he wants ALL the credit. And in yet another of his infamous Twitter storms, even went so far as to undermine the hard working public servants who he’s supposed to be leading, to kick off the holiday season:

That is right folks: ignore the role of the State Department, ignore the other officials in the White House, and remember the holidays as you praise Trump’s ego in getting the players out of China. Because apparently that is what Thanksgiving is all about – the turkey in the White House.

Featured photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images.