Donald Trump Is No Constitutional Scholar

Someone needs to place a copy of the U.S. Constitution in Donald Trump’s stubby little hands and get him to actually read it, because according to the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Trump’s policies are ripping that document to shreds.

Or, in Trump-speak, when it comes to violating the Constitution, he’s the best!

Trump’s policies run so contrary to the Constitution so often, the ACLU has started to keep track of proposed violations in an analysis they call The Trump Memos.” The 27-page report details Trump’s willingness to violate the literal law of the land in six specific areas: Immigration, discrimination against Muslims, abortion rights, mass surveillance, torture and press freedoms.

So Donald Trump isn’t just being a dangerous jerk when he pops off at the mouth against religious liberty, women’s rights, and immigration. The proposals behind those awful ideas are not just unethical, they are unconstitutional.

Does anyone else see the irony of a birther like Donald Trump, who has spent the past seven years sniveling and screaming about President Obama’s “violations” of the Constitution, openly ripping that same document to shreds every time he opens his mouth and vomits out whatever passes as policy for the GOP these days?

“By our analysis, the Trump administration would violate” a number of constitutional provisions, said ACLU executive director Anthony Romero. And if nominated president, Trump should be prepared to battle the ACLU on a number of fronts because of these violations.

Trump Knows The Constitution Like He Knows The Bible — Not Very Well

To begin with, Donald Trump’s fear-driven, hysterical call for a ban on Muslims entering the U.S. would violate the First Amendment’s prohibition on the government disfavoring one religion over others, Romero said. Such a ban would also violate the due process and religious rights of any U.S. citizen and resident Muslims affected by the law.

“It would be a constitutional battle that would roil for years,” Romero said — but no fear, the ACLU lawyers are ready to fight in the courts if it ever came to pass.

Likewise, Trump’s asinine immigration policies, and his call to deport a massive amount of people, “would erode civil liberties of undocumented immigrants and U.S. citizens alike by leading to a systematic reliance on racial profiling and illegal detentions,” the Trump Memos state. In effect, Trump’s “build a wall and send them back!” rally cry that has, sadly, inspired so many GOP voters, would violate the Constitution’s guarantees of equality and due process, as well as its prohibition against unreasonable searches and seizures, the Huffington Post reports.

Remember — Donald Trump is the leader and standard-bearer of the party that prides itself in keeping those little tiny pocket constitutions tucked beneath their flag lapels and screaming “constitutional violation!” every time the President looks at them funny.

Trump’s insane proposals on surveillance and torture are also violations, and the ACLU report, while detailed and lengthy, doesn’t cover all the numerous threats Trump poses to the Constitution, Romero stated. In fact, it doesn’t even begin to address Trump’s disdain and / or complete ignorance (and I don’t even know which option is worse) for the separation of powers.

But Romero says that the ACLU will continue to add to the list as Trump continues to barrel along in the election, willing to violate the rights of the citizens he purports to want to lead. And if Trump changes or tempers his insane policy proposals, the Trump Memos will be amended to reflect that, as well.

“This is an invitation — in fact, an exhortation— to consider the constitutional implications of his policies and to refine his policies to comport with the Constitution,” Romero said.

And before all of our dear Republican friends begin to scream that the ACLU is full of partisan hacks who are following a secret liberal agenda (because facts are apparently part of the secret liberal agenda), the ACLU, which is actually nonpartisan, says that a report on Hillary Clinton’s proposals are forthcoming.

Her platform lacks the same willingness as Trump to refuse entry into the country based on religion, build a wall, or engage in mass deportations, so it may be shorter than the Trump Memos.

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