Trump, Who Led Birther Movement, Whines 'No Politician In History' Treated Worse than Him (VIDEO)

Trump, Who Led Birther Movement, Whines ‘No Politician In History’ Treated Worse than Him (VIDEO)

Trump forgets how unfairly he treated president obama

During an occasion typically reserved for inspiration, ceremony and moving tribute, Trump decided to complain to Coast Guard graduates about his ‘unfair’ treatment at the hands of the media. This is coming, of course, from the same man who instigated baseless accusations against President Obama and his birthplace.

Trump’s commencement speech at the U.S Coast Guard Academy was less about ‘go forth and serve’ and more about ‘look what I have to deal with’. He warned new graduates about critics and naysayers.   While he didn’t reference any of the swirling controversy the White House is mired in at present, Trump was certain he was being rebuked more than anyone else.

No politician in history, and I say this with great surety, has been treated worse or more unfairly,

Trump excels at self aggrandizing that draws attention to his perceived hardship and magnificence. These ‘me-isms’ are threaded through tweets, agendas and narratives like some hidden subliminal messaging.  But there was nothing sublime (or fair) about his attacks against Obama’s nationality.

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Curiously, Trump castigated President Obama for things like holding back record releases, demanding others release  tax information and failing at leadership. Meanwhile Trump, by all accounts, does many of the same  things. In the birther category of Trump tweet archives,  nearly 100 tweets are dedicated to advancing the notion that Obama wasn’t an American citizen. He deflects blame by falsely placing it squarely on the shoulders of Hillary Clinton.

Continuing with his ‘me,’ narrative, he advises the fresh Coast Guard graduates to learn how to lead.

I didn’t get elected to serve the Washington media or special interests. I got elected to serve the forgotten men and women of our country.  You have to act, and you have to act properly and you have to learn how to act under great pressure.

He might want to start taking his own advice.

Watch Trump Turn Coast Guard Commencement Speech Into self pity party:

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