UPDATE: 4/10/2016 – It has recently come to our attention that a key source for this story has been challenged and debunked by Snopes.comWe had based our story off of the original source as well as multiple social media accounts, and sincerely regret the error.  – ED

Donald Trump’s Walk Of Fame Star Is Raising A Stink In Hollywood.

Anyone who lives in or has traveled to a big city knows how difficult it can be to find a public restroom when nature calls. Luckily, however, those living in or visiting Hollywood, Calif., can rest easier knowing their bladders and bowels will have a fantastic new, entirely free place to relieve themselves—Donald Trump’s Walk of Fame star. In fact, so many people have been utilizing the shifty facility that rumor has it the Hollywood Historic Trust is thinking about removing Trump’s star from the iconic tourist attraction altogether.

Most readers will remember the swastika spray-painted on Trump’s Walk of Fame star not long ago, as can be seen below, but that’s far from the only public commentary being left on or near the star.

Another clean-up of the star came after someone spray-painted a mute symbol on it:

Others simply have taken to writing all over it:

These Folks May Be Onto Something.

As stated, as well, reports have been pouring in regularly of Trump’s Walk of Fame star being urinated and defecated on by both dogs and people alike, such as the service dog making an unintentional political statement below:

Readers can see a picture of an anonymous man urinating on the Trump star at  night, here, as well.

Others have taken a less harsh approach, though still remain quite critical of Trump, as can be seen in the tweet below where a mother and her children stand over Donald Trump’s Walk of Fame star giving it a collective double-fisted thumbs down.

Others just spit on it as they walk by:

Even Spider-Man joins in when he’s in town:

Yep, whether it’s number one or number two, or whether you suffer from chronic respiratory problems and just need to cough up and spit out a great green glob of gross now and then, Donald Trump’s star is sitting there, ready, waiting and willing to receive your expectorants and bodily waste. The guy’s a walking, talking black hole of hate, jingoism, xenophobia and bile. Is it any wonder he draws in these nefarious fluids, attitudes and responses from around the globe? At least now people have a means to relieve themselves.

Taking a righteous dump on the Donald Trump star not only relieves your bowels, but it also relieves voter anxiety. You can’t beat that peace of mind, and it won’t even cost you anything—no purchase necessary to use this facility. Just let it rip and keep on truckin’.

With this level of disgust and disapproval for the Donald, it’s hard to imagine him winning the presidency. If he does, however, that star is as good as gone, if it isn’t removed before the election concludes. Should Trump ever win the presidency, there will be no saving that star from the barrage of public comment that is likely to follow.

The air is ripe with dissent.

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