Fox New’s Megyn Kelly is “fired up” for the first Republican debate of the primary season:

“‘It’s adrenaline. It’s excitement about the unknown,’ she says. ‘You want to be respectful toward the candidates and the process. You have to give it your all. You have to go in there prepared to really bring it. It’s an interesting, very charged process. . . I’m not a partisan person. Our news division is truly fair and balanced,’ says Kelly, host of Fox News’ 9 p.m. news analysis show The Kelly File. ‘I’ve voted for Democrats and Republicans. I don’t care about either of these parties. I care about America. I care about my audience. I care about liars. I just find it interesting from a sociological perspective.’”

Right. Happily, the Twittersphere is “fired up” as well, and they have some helpful suggestions for Kelly. #megynkellydebatequestions is currently trending on Twitter, and the Internet has, once more, outdone itself. It all started with this:

And things went from there. Questions ranged from hunting:

To basic math:

To flat out bizarre:


Climate change and poverty made an appearance:

As did police brutality:

Some suggestions were more tasteful than others:

Every Republican’s favorite washed up musician, Ted Nugent, got a shout out:

Donald Trump, inevitably, proved to be a favorite target:

It keeps going and going and going:


Once again, it has been clearly demonstrated that Twitter is a very dangerous place for Republicans. That said, I’d pay good money to see the candidates have to answer a few of these. Hey, a guy can dream, right?

Want to join in the fun? Here you go. Don’t forget to comment here if you say something particularly clever.

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