New Lawsuit Alleges 'USA Freedom Kids' Are The Latest To Be Conned By Deadbeat Donald

New Lawsuit Alleges ‘USA Freedom Kids’ Are The Latest To Be Conned By Deadbeat Donald

The USA Freedom Kids, Like So Many Trump Supporters, Have Been Conned

Donald Trump has made a career out of conning people. He swindled Atlantic City, stockholders and the taxpayers of New Jersey out of $1.5 Billion. He shafted union workers during the 1980s by hiring undocumented Polish workers during the Trump Tower construction.  We know that the so-called “Trump University” is nothing but a sham. And despite the fact that he claims to be flush with cash, new reports show that he’s yet to even pay top campaign staffers. Swindling stockholders, taxpayers, laborers, students and your own staff is pretty low. But it’s nowhere near as low as stiffing a group of preteen girls who traveled across the country to campaign for you. According to court documents analyzed by The Daily Beast, The USA Freedom Kids were conned big time by Trump 2016:

The USA Freedom Kids said in a newly filed lawsuit the Trump campaign broke verbal agreements for performances at two events and refused to pay even a $2,500 stipend for the group’s travel expenses.

“We are not able to pay the girls or cover travel,” Stephanie Scruggs, a regional field director wrote Jeff Popick, USA Freedom Kids founder and father to one of the girls in a Jan. 5 email presented as evidence in the suit. “However we have coordinated with the event space to allow the girls to set up a table and pre-sell their album, shirts, ect if this is helpful to you.”

Enter The Con

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On the surface, that sounds like a reasonable business arrangement. The girls would have the opportunity to sell their merchandise, with reasonable expectations that they would exceed their travel expenses. But we know what happens at Trump rallies, and by proxy, within the Trump campaign. The Daily Beast continues:

There was no merchandise table, and it wouldn’t have mattered if there was one: Security didn’t allow the girls to bring any of their merchandise into the Pensacola Bay Center. They left it outside in the parking lot, where all of it—the T-shirts, the CDs, the patriotic posters—was stolen while the girls performed their act, Popick says.


So the USA Freedom Kids became the latest in a long line of people who sought reparations in the courtroom from the con man:

After nine months of haggling with Trump staffers, the group sued the campaign in Sarasota County, Florida, for as much as $15,000 in damages.

“This is not an opportunistic thing where we’re suing Donald Trump,” Popick said. “We’re not suing for emotional distress and all that other stuff that people do when they trump up—no pun intended—when they trump up a lawsuit. That’s not what this is. This is tangible dollars I spent under false pretenses.”


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There is nobody Deadbeat Donald won’t screw over. By bamboozling these little girls, that becomes abundantly clear. What do you think he would do with the power of the bully pulpit? He would have a conflict of interest with the foreign banks to whom he is indebted. He would have control of the military while profiting off of relationships in Saudi Arabia. He’s selling voters a grandiose vision of a wall that will magically make 1970s industry reappear in the midwest. And he has a propensity for royally screwing anyone that’s ever trusted him.

If this doesn’t sound like a con job to you, you’ve already been had.

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