Watch CNN Anchor Brilliantly Goad GOP Candidate Into Shocking Anti-Semitic Fascist Meltdown

Watch CNN Anchor Brilliantly Goad GOP Candidate Into Shocking Anti-Semitic Fascist Meltdown

A CNN anchor sparked this GOP candidate’s SCARY HATRED OF JEWS

On Tuesday, the Chicago Sun-Times published a startling story revealing that a literal Nazi was on the verge of winning the Republican nomination in an Illinois district courtesy of there being no opposition. His name is Arthur Jones, a self-proclaimed former leader of the American Nazi Party that believes the Holocaust is “an international extortion racket.”

While it is difficult for any political party to keep track of all their candidates, the fact that the Republicans are doing nothing about this speaks volumes. Trump has already cast a bigoted shadow on the GOP courtesy of him claiming that there were some “very fine people” at the white supremacist “Unite the Right Rally” in August 2016. And while the Illinois Republican Party has disavowed Jones, the fact they had no one running against him only digs a deeper grave for the party.

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CNN‘s Alisyn Camerota, on the other hand, decided to confront Jones in a powerful interview. After playing a clip from one of Jones’s past speeches, Camerota inquired if Jones was a Nazi himself. Surprisingly, he insisted that he was not, having not had a formal association with any Nazi group for the past 15-20 years. “I don’t call myself a Nazi. I call myself an American patriot and statesman.”

Camerota fought back against his assertion by pointing out numerous pieces of evidence tying him to pro-Nazi/anti-Holocaust positions, from statements on his website to photos of him dressing in Nazi garb. This, of course, set off Jones on his antisemitic rants, in which he claimed that the Jews owned the media and that they were making up the Holocaust in order to “”suck us into one war after another in the Mid East.”

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We cannot make this up. This man is a danger to the public and must be kept out of a congressional office. He rivals Roy Moore in hate-filled rhetoric, and will be hurt the lives of many Americans if he is granted power. We highly encourage our readers to support Justice Democratic candidate Marie Newman, as she will not only oppose Jones, but also fight for progressive values.

Check out the video of the CNN interview below:

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