Counterterrorism Expert Humiliates Breitbart Editor-in-Chief for Fake News

WATCH: Counterterrorism Expert Humiliates Breitbart Editor-in-Chief for Fake News

Breitbart News was founded by the eponymous Andrew Breitbart, a conservative commentator known for championing the right-wing spin frequently seen on Rush Limbaugh’s radio show and Fox News. As a result, his site has taken this trait and exponentially expanded it to the point where they literally concoct false stories based on any rumor that comes about.

To call the entire site a propagator of lies is up for debate, but no one can deny that it publishes its fair share of discredited nonsense, and that this type of rhetoric can be potentially damaging in an era where political polarization and tension is high.

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Malcolm Nance, a former Navy Officer and current expert in counter-terrorism and cryptology, was a victim of a Breitbart story and decided to confront its current editor-in-chief, Alexander Marlow during the “Overtime” section of Real Time with Bill Maher. Marlow had previously been invited by host Bill Maher to discuss various issues relating to bias, free speech, and violence, but had gotten off light in terms of the hard questioning propagandists like him deserve.

Luckily, Nance more than made up for this. In “Overtime,” Maher asked Marlow a question regarding how he would define “fake news” as it currently exists. For those few unaware, fake news is an online epidemic that started during the 2016 elections as a means of both swaying public opinion and trolling entire groups. Unfortunately, its damage to the political sphere, most notably with “Pizzagate,” resulted in the fact-checking organization Politifact labeling it 2016’s “Lie of the Year.”

As is to be expected, Marlow used the question for an opportunity to smear the left-wing in this country, saying that it was started by the leftists to discredit all right-wing news sources, and that conservatives co-opted it in order to target anything put out by the establishment media that was “the least bit false” according to some unknown standard. Maher, however, countered this by saying that Marlow was lying, and that fake news, as defined by President Trump, was anything that did not make his side look good.

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Nance then entered the conversation and pointed out how Breitbart had published a horrible story about himself claiming that he wanted Trump Tower attacked, resulting in his family getting “31 death threats,” and asked Marlow for a simple apology. The piece Nance is referring to was actually a lot worse in nature as it accused Nance of calling for ISIS to bomb the aforementioned Trump property, though the conspiracy-investigating organization “Snopes” quickly disproved it.

Nonetheless, the damage was evidently done through the death threats, and Nance had every right to be angry. Of course, wanting to protect his site’s image among their deranged followers, Marlow deflected the question, saying that Breitbart‘s staff also gets threatened and questioned whether Nance was saying that their lives did not matter. Thankfully, other members on the panel, including comedian Eddie Izzard and political scientist Ian Bremmer, joined in on Nance’s side to point out Marlow’s nonsense.

Check out the video below of the exchange, beginning at 3:53.

Image a screen capture from Real Time Overtime