White Supremacist Imperial Wizard Supports Donald Trump Because Hate (VIDEO)

White Supremacist Imperial Wizard Supports Donald Trump Because Hate (VIDEO)

Donald Trump Just Can’t Get Away From Support By Hate Groups. Go Figure.

This is going to come as a shock to you, but it seems that the “Imperial Wizard of the Rebel Brigade Knights of the Ku Klux Klan” doesn’t think the KKK is a hate group—and he supports Trump for President.

African-American reporter Chris Thomas, who works for an NBC affiliate in Richmond, Virginia, had the distinct and awkward pleasure of meeting the Wiz who, for some reason, wanted to get together with him out in the woods (no, seriously, check out the video).

In the video, the Wizard of the country’s oldest hate group insists that they don’t hate anyone, says the burning of crosses shows that god is the light, calls out neo-nazis and skinheads as socialists and church shooter Dylan Roof as a “thug” and a “punk”. He describes his group as white separatists as opposed to white supremacists and says they are mere patriots, proud of their country.

“We’re not the big bad hate group that everyone thinks we are,” said the Imperial Wizard, apparently completely unaware of the KKK’s brutal history that still endures to this day. In other words, yes, they are the big bad hate group that everyone knows they are and no amount of sugar-coating it will change that reality.

So, when it comes to whom the Imperial Wiz would like to see as president?

“I think Donald Trump would be best for the job…the reason a lot of Klan members like Donald Trump is because a lot of what he believes in, we believe in. We want our country to be safe.”

Now isn’t that a ringing endorsement for the Donald? A known hate group that insists they aren’t a hate group support Donald Trump for president because they believe in what he stands for, which is to ban Muslims from entering the country and build a wall on Mexico’s border, and why? Because what is essentially a terrorist group who loves to come into communities and make anyone but white people feel safe wants the country to be safe. You can’t make this stuff up.

But, what if Donald Trump drops out, or doesn’t make it. Well, the Wizard has a second choice:

“If Donald Trump dropped out tomorrow I would support Kasich before I would Ted Cruz” because Cruz “was born in Canada” and is “not an American citizen.”

Face it. The Republicans have a racism problem.

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