‘Whites Against Trump’, And How The Hashtag Went Viral….

This hashtag was bound to happen to Donald Trump, a man who built his entire platform on being a fear mongering racist. It’s actually gotten to the point where Trump is indirectly recruiting for America’s white supremacist organizations. So African-American comedian W. Kamau Bell decided it was time for white Americans to take direct responsibility for Trump.

In a Salon conversation with Adam Mansbach, he explained why.

“Donald Trump isn’t a Republican issue or a rich people issue or a human issue. Donald Trump is a white people issue. Whenever Ben Carson says batshit crazy nonsense, Black people rise up, and let him know that he needs to STFU.

“[It] is time, white people, for you to finally step up and recognize that you also (even more so) have a responsibility to your race. It is up to you to silence Donald Trump. Don’t just insult him and make fun of him. You have to connect it to your race. Recognize that he is embarrassing you as a white person.

And Adam agreed.

“This idea fascinates me on a lot of levels. First of all, you’ve hit on something very true: white people in this country never feel any need or any pressure to denounce/regulate/distance themselves from other white people when those white people act out-of-pocket.”

What eventually happened was the conversation turned to helping the “Whites Against Trump” hashtag trend. As noted by Clutch, the #WhitesAgainstTrump hashtag was created over the weekend, but didn’t get much traction until the GOP debate aired, and this conversation happened.

Whites Against Trump Produces Some Great Tweets

When the #WhitesAgainstTrump hashtag appeared, it presented a golden opportunity, a chance for White Americans to prove before the world that Donald Trump and his far-right ilk never spoke for them period. And what happened? Awesome tweets, that’s what! After cheering my way through the “Whites Against Trump” hashtag and articles on the subject, I’ve compiled some of my favorite tweets for you to enjoy. Without further ado, here they are:

‘Whites Against Trump’ Generates Strong (Positive) Reaction

Not only were there great tweets on the matter, but the reaction was also great as well. There were a few humbugs, but that’s to be expected when racists get exposed as being unwelcome. Overall black, white, Latino, and Muslim Americans agreed that Donald Trump is bad news.

It’s a strong message that suggests what I’ve firmly believed from the beginning: Donald Trump doesn’t have a chance of winning the presidency — even if he somehow gets the Republican nomination.

More importantly, this viral social media campaign has given white Americans the chance to outright disown Donald Trump and everything he stands for, which is a rather healthy and necessary step to take at this point. Everyone who is against the horrible representation of Donald Trump should speak out, not let it be assumed they don’t agree with him.

This conversation demonstrates why non-white Americans constantly distance themselves from foolishness acted out by members of their ethnic or racial group: Because often these people are made to represent the entire group, thanks in large part to racist and stereotypical perceptions. This exercise will hopefully get white Americans to appreciate why non-white Americans feel forced to do this.

At the same time, white Americans very much need to disown and disclaim Donald Trump because this arrogant blowhard is being represented as the face of the white race. In 2015, that’s an American tragedy.

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