Last night was mayhem! Beautiful, beautiful chaos brought on by thousands of anti-Trump protesters which resulted in the cancellation of the Trump Rally in Chicago, Ill. Immediately thousands of people jumped on Twitter to tweet either their support for the shutdown or the Trump supporters who just had to say racist things about what happened last night. They had to!

The zero self-awareness crowd cried about everything from having their precious Trump signs ripped up, to a few isolated incidences of violence (between both sides, but they didn’t see it that way), and how badly their First Amendment rights were just trampled on. It’s the only time I’ve seen them care about the First more than the Second Amendment. But after months of trampling on the civil liberties of protesters of Trump rallies, this was bound to happen.

Here Is The Totally Not Racist Reaction To The #TrumpRallyChi Protests:

‘Thugs’ is the “polite” word for ‘nigger.’ You’ll see it a lot in these tweets.

Of course you do, sweetheart. Of course you do.

Of course, this was all Obama’s fault. Thanks, Obama!

And Hitler himself showed up on Twitter to talk down to black people.

Newsflash Trump: Your right to free speech doesn’t guarantee a friendly crowd.

And there you have it. The right wing viewpoint of America. The Trump supporters were just trying to enjoy their Klan circle jerk when “thugs” came in, roughed up everybody and destroyed America because Trump is threatening to take away their free stuff. The logic here is astounding. As usual, we see the pervasive stereotypes that liberals don’t have jobs, are lazy and want free handouts. All black people who stick up for themselves in this country are “thugs.” And Trump supporters can’t wait to bring us all the heel.

Trump brought this on himself. His “tough talk” where he encouraged his supporters to punch protesters in the face, saying he would cover their legal defense, and continued to point out and scapegoat people sticking up for their heritage, religion and skin color as the “bad people” this is the result. It was only a matter of time before Americans said “ENOUGH!” and pushed back a little. This isn’t American. Immigrants and Muslims are not the creators of all of America’s problems.

And this isn’t what trampling on free speech looks like. This is what rejection of a hateful demagogue looks like. Free speech does not free you from the consequences of your speech. If Trump wants to call Latinos rapists and drug dealers, and Muslims anti-American, and shout All Lives Matter! Fine, be a fucking jerk but don’t be surprised when those people show up in vast numbers to make their presence known and reject your bullshit.

Aside from the few instances of violence at the protest, I say, well done Chicago!

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