Donald Trump Calling Hillary Clinton A Bigot Contradicts His Own Top Adviser: HIMSELF

Does Donald Trump even know what he is saying half the time? He really does just seem to be pulling everything he says out of his own anal cavity with no regard to truth or worry about the constant self-contradicting he does. And for some reason, his supporters keep calling Hillary a liar. Oh, the bitter, bitter irony.

So, what has Trump said this time which is painfully ridiculous? As Buzzfeed puts it, this is what he is babbling on about now.

“Donald Trump has, in recent weeks, called Hillary Clinton a “bigot” who only sees black people as votes, and blamed Democrats and their policies for harming the black community.”

Really, Trump? You calling ANYONE else a bigot is utterly hilarious. A man who has built his ENTIRE campaign around bigotry accusing his rival of bigotry is mind-blowingly bizarre. But, that’s exactly what he did say, as the Washington Post quotes.

“She is a bigot. If you look at what’s happening to the inner cities, you look at what’s happening to African Americans and Hispanics in this country, where she talks all the time.”

Again, utterly ridiculous, AND in contrast with one of his own top aides and experts: HIMSELF!

That’s right; it seems that bigoted Trump didn’t always see Hillary as a bigot. And, in fact, he brought up the Clinton’s and how hard it was for Bill to handle the accusations of racism in his own defense against accusations of racism when he spoke with Sean Hannity on his radio show.

“If you remember back, they were calling that of Bill Clinton, and I was with Bill Clinton, and I have never seen him so angry. He’s actually a member of one of my clubs and plays at one of my clubs. He was so upset and angry. He has his office in Harlem. Whether you like them, or don’t like them, they have done so much for the African-Americans and they called them racists. And I’ve never seen him so angry about anything.”

So, which Trump are we supposed to listen to: The Clinton supporting Trump of just a few years ago, or the Clinton hating Trump of this painful election season?

Thanks to the fine folks at Buzzfeed for digging through the archives to get this piece of audio.

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