The X-Men have another nemesis.

Franklin Graham, son of the iconic television evangelist, Billy Graham, has ramped up his fire and brimstone rhetoric in response to the news that the Marvel character, Ice Man, is coming out as gay. Graham, who is President of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, posted a scorching note on Facebook last week. The post read,

“Today the Marvel comic character Ice Man, from the “X-Men” series, is coming out as gay. This is another attempt to indoctrinate our young people to accept this destructive lifestyle. God’s Word says homosexuality is a sin, and we are to be on guard against all sin. God calls us to repent, turn from our sins, and put our trust in His Son Jesus Christ who died and rose again to pay the penalty for sin.”

Graham’s homophobia is hardly breaking news. In the past, Graham has praised Russian leader Vladimir Putin for Russia’s discriminatory, abusive treatment of the LGBT community, stating that Russia is a better example of Godliness and morality than America. Graham contends that President Obama’s administration has a gay agenda which is in opposition to God’s teachings.

This writer is unsure of what bloodthirsty intolerant deity Graham worships. Russia’s policies against the LGBT community have resulted in brutal assaults and flagrant discrimination. Members of the Russian gay community are forced into hiding, fearing for their safety, if not their lives. Russia is on a slippery slope; policies encouraging abuse and oppression against a set of citizens who are “different”  from others are eerily reminiscent of Hitler’s early policies in Germany. Russia may very well be rocketing headfirst into another holocaust.

Graham’s assertion that a comic book character is an insidious attempt to indoctrinate children is ludicrous. Homosexuality is not a lifestyle choice, just as heterosexuality is not a lifestyle choice. At no point in our lives do we “decide” what our sexual orientation is going to be in adulthood, just as we do not “choose” our eye color at birth. True indoctrination occurs when our children are exposed to bigoted dogma. Graham spearheads a systematic process of teaching hate to each new generation, filling impressionable young minds with venomous rhetoric.

This, dear readers, is the agenda which we must fear. This is the indoctrination which we should be railing against. Children should be taught tolerance, which is what the X-Men comic series is all about. Mutants who are feared and oppressed because they are different. Through this series, children realize that these characters are really not that different at all, and that it is wrong to discriminate against others.

Finally, an agenda to support.

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