If Paul Ryan Was Surrounded By Sharks, What Kind Of Sandwich Would You Make?

A website promising to send your cremated remains to members of Congress if Trumpcare kills you because it has canceled the life-saving medications or treatments that you need has become so popular that it actually crashed on Thursday.

MailMeToTheGOP.com’s Zoey Jordan Salsbury invited people on Twitter posted an invitation on Twitter to send in their remains when the time comes, and people responded, in droves, in hordes, in massively huge numbers and that’s when the site went down, Raw Story reports.

Is #AHCA going to kill you? Me too. That’s why I make a way to be sure your ashes get sent to a GOP Congressperson:

— Zoey Jordan Salsbury (@zoeyjsalsbury) May 4, 2017

Kinda tells you just how much the GOP and their beloved American Healthcare Act have pissed people off, now doesn’t it?

And this totally rocks. I wish I could see the faces of these GOP Orcs when the ashes land on their desks. Especially House Speaker Paul Ryan and others like Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA)and Darrell Issa who crowed on Twitter about helping to repeal Obamacare. What a guy.

Salsbury is only too aware of how many American’s will be impacted by this heartless decision made by far too many Republicans, notes Mediaite’s Lindsey Ellefson.

“Millions of Americans rely on protection and coverage from the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare. The Republicans new bill will gut these protections and many will die,” notes MailMe’s website. “They deserve to know it. Fill out our form and we’ll help you get papers in order to send your ashes to a GOP member of Congress if you pass.”

Anyone who decides to use this website can include personal messages to their Republican of choice. And some already have:

“My combat tour in Iraq resulted in enough disability to make me uninsurable, but not enough to get all my healthcare through the VA. You killed me, you pr*ck.”

Another person writes:

“Asthma. I cannot afford to be in a high-risk pool and without health insurance, I will die of an asthma attack. I will die of an easily controlled incurable lung disease that affects millions. I hope my parents put my blue-faced body on Congressman Lloyd Smucker’s doorstep.”

And perhaps the saddest message so far:

“I have incurable brain cancer. And if prices skyrocket and subsidies are hard to maintain it will shorted [sic] my already shortened life and put my family in significant financial jeopardy.”

How thoughtful of Ryan and his fellow Republican monsters to come up with this medieval plan. I hope people send them dump trucks full of ashes. It’s what they deserve.

Salsbury tells me that the site is a team effort.

“I saw someone’s tweet about mailing their body to Paul Ryan and I was like ‘wow…that’s possible!!’ Then I built it.”

And as her site grows, she hopes to add more personal messages from people.

“I’m going to add more as I have time. I’ve been overwhelmed by the response,” Salsbury writes. “I made that section optional and most people have written paragraphs about how they’re impacted. It’s heartbreaking, but so important.”

I was curious to find out how much it might cost to send in one’s remains and for right now there’s no specific cost Salsbury said.

“It would depend on how much one’s ashes weigh and if they wanted to send all of them or just part of them,” he said.

One other thing we may have in our corner, Mediaite notes, is that this murderous bill still has to pass the Senate, and that may never happen. Members of the Senate are working on their own version of a healthcare bill.

That’s good news, but I still hope Paul Ryan gets buried under a pile of ashes.

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