Democrat Voters Must Learn From Kentucky Shake-Up…And The Hell To Come As A Result

It’s eerie that the consequences of low Democratic voter turnout have been on my mind all day, given what just went down in Kentucky.

Mother Jones writes:

Republican businessman Matt Bevin was elected governor of Kentucky on Tuesday. This is good news if you’re Matt Bevin. It’s potentially very bad news if you’re one of the 521,000 formerly uninsured Kentuckians who have received health insurance through the Affordable Care Act.

Apparently, one of the major platforms that carried Bevin to victory was how evil Obama is and dismantling “Obamacare.” The twisted irony is that the ACA is a major success story in Kentucky. Don’t believe me? Have a look at a rather compelling comparison chart posted on Twitter by Democratic Kentucky Representative John Yarmuth.

But (of course) the WTFery doesn’t stop there. You see, anti-Obama and anti-ACA sentiments weren’t the only things that helped Bevin sail into the Governor’s Mansion.

He also garnered a lot of support thanks to his Pro-Kim Davis rhetoric and related acts of support.

According to the Courier-Journal, Matt Bevin slid from campaigning about the economy to over to social issues when he realized that anti-gay bigotry was an easy way to get Kentucky’s GOP base behind him.

“his campaign pivoted toward social issues as the gay marriage issue blew up in Kentucky with a federal judge sending Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis to jail because of her refusal to issue marriage licenses. Bevin called for Gov. Steve Beshear to issue an executive order freeing Davis of the responsibility of issuing the licenses and even had his 877

Oh, but it gets better…meaning worse.

As governor, Bevin has called for an austere budget to pay down Kentucky’s state worker pension program’s unfunded liability, and he has promised to move new teachers over to a 401k type program rather than a traditional pension. As governor, Bevin has promised to do away with the Kynect insurance portal, rescind the state’s Medicaid expansion and push for the Kentucky General Assembly to institute pro-business policies like so-called right-to-work and lawsuit reform.

If you don’t understand the implications of Kentucky electing Matt Bevin, let me break it down for you.

    • If Bevin has his way, nearly 400,000 people could suddenly find themselves without proper health insurance.
    • Matt Bevin can and (probably will) use his office to railroad gay couples and enable constitution-violating acts of discrimination against LGBT individuals and couples.
    • Matt Bevin’s “pro-austerity” stance means that the state will likely experience CRIPPLING budget cuts to state-funded programs meant to help the state’s poorest families and it’s already practically gutted educational system.
  • Bevin has already promised to ignore the crap out of the Environmental Protection Agency for the sake of Kentucky’s coal industry. Even though coal is the largest source of air pollution in the world and kills thousands of people per year, shifting the state towards investment in clean, renewable energy sources are something Matt will absolutely NOT be doing.

I don’t think I need to go on, but I will emphasize that ahead of Matt Bevin’s turn as governor, Kentucky is already one of the poorest and least educated states in the nation. The lack of education funding contributes to the lack of higher education opportunities, which itself contributes to the lack of high-earning jobs within the state.

By allowing Matt Bevin to become governor, citizens of Kentucky have almost guaranteed a bloody battle to avoid sinking even further into the pits of Hell.

Before you simply shake your head and dismiss Kentucky as a “stupid red state”, there’s something you should know about the Matt Bevin victory. The New Civil Rights Movement wrote that Bevin is only the second Republican to win the Kentucky governorship in 40 years. We also learned that his success apparently comes on the back of a truly abysmal voter turn out.

Matt Bevin can be thought of as a “practice run” of what would happen if a Tea Party Republican or Donald Trump-type were to get a crack at the White House.

It’s pretty easy to guess that the majority of the people who did show up were Republican. And given the historic nature of this election result — that has been deemed a startling upset — I’m going to go ahead and say it: The Kentucky Democrats dropped the ball on this one.

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By failing to turn up and vote, they may have inadvertently screwed themselves for years to come. It’s a tragic consequence of standing by and letting the most extreme, most bigoted, and least educated members of the Kentucky population to choose the state’s leadership. How many people sat at home during this crucial election because they thought, “there’s no way people are going to vote Republican?” How many just assumed that things would follow a predictable pattern because, “Progress is happening! There’s no way that Matt Bevin is going to be elected!”

Matt Bevin can be thought of as a “practice run” of what would happen if a Tea Party Republican or Donald Trump-type were to get a crack at the White House. The outcome in Kentucky could very well mimic a worst-case scenario if Democratic voters at the national level make the horrible assumption that an election is in the bag, and there’s no need to show up. Whenever there’s a risk of the country being pulled to the FAR far right, it’s always an opportunity to show up.

I’m fairly certain to the point of betting money that under Bevin, Kentucky is about to become the equivalent of a firecracker up Satan’s ass.

Therefore, I’m recommending everyone stand back while observing the fallout from this…way back.

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