here is an old saying that goes “a picture is worth a thousand words”. And in the age of photoshop, those words are often lies, something we should all be used to by now. But apparently the MAGA crowd didn’t get the Memo that we’re living in the 21st century (obviously) and digital manipulation of photos is a thing now.

A stunningly stupid image is making the rounds of stunned stupid right wing nutjob forums like the The_Donald subreddit on that “basket of deplorables” that calls itself the “front page of the internet”. The image is breathlessly presented as “smoking gun” evidence that Moore’s 5th accuser’s yearbook, bearing Moor’s signature, is half faked. But that conspiracy theory is half baked. Not that anything like that ever stopped the Alex Jones groupies.

Here’s the image driving right wing conspiracy nuts wild (“FAKE” alert added as a public service announcement to protect the stupid from themselves).

Yes, you read that right, HALF faked. They’re so desperate to disbelieve anything that challenges the Alabama GOP candidate even the GOP doesn’t want, who waves his gun around at rallies like he’s drunkenly robbing a liquor store while dressed up like he thinks he’s Wild Bill, that they’ll scream bloody murder over what they’re calling a HALF faked signature.

Now, photo manipulation is old hat to me. I first learned how to do it the old fashioned way, in a darkroom. And I learned to use Photoshop before it was called Photoshop. And to my trained eye (and to the untrained eye as well) this is an obvious fake.

How do I know? Well, first of all, there’s logic. Whoever did this obvious Photoshop composite was so brain dead that they didn’t even think to just leave the whole signature in blue ink, and claim the whole signature was fake. DUH! And they didn’t think to, oh, I dunno, NOT combine a bunch of images into one, which just screams Photoshop. D’OH!

And then, there’s the video. The video of the yearbook being held up (below). In shaky hands. The light rolling over the image, making editing out the color all but impossible. In all black text. On a full color video. Again, duh!

Now, converting some black text into blue text on a still image in Photoshop is the height of easy. To prove it, here’s a screenshot of CNN’s report off Youtube, with a section I chose at random converted to blue ink from black. It took me about 20 seconds to do.

Here’s a fake I made in 20 seconds or so.

And, just to make it extra obvious that the above is as fake as I said it was, I used the normal square selection tool, instead of the lasso tool that could have selected just the area of text I wanted. That way you can see the ink color seem to change in mid-stroke. In a nice perfect square.

Got Photoshop? Want to prove this to yourself? The method is simple. Just start with a screenshot from the video at the bottom of this article (you can see the time-stamp I used in the image above, 2 minutes and 7 seconds in). Then select part of it, and create a new layer out of it. Then shift the color balance all the way to blue a few times (image > adjustments > color balance). Then under the select option choose the “color range” and click in the blue area around the text on the layer you created. Now hit the delete key a few times, to erase that blue shifted paper, leaving only “blue ink” where there was black ink before. It’s that easy!

So yeah. Stay crazy, you trump loving morons of the internet. Stay crazy. Stay stupid. Actually, I wish you wouldn’t. But I think you will…

Watch CNN’s Report:

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