Paul Ryan Admits to Being Terrified of Leaks Destroying Fragile GOP (VIDEO)

Paul Ryan Admits to Being Terrified of Leaks Destroying Fragile GOP (VIDEO)

House Speaker Paul Ryan and his band of merry GOPers are a little nervous, now that a leak has emerged regarding a 2016 House GOP leadership meeting. That recording doesn’t make him and several of his colleagues look too good. And he’s worried that there may be more leaks to come, The Hill reports.

GOP plays the blame game

Which means that Ryan and his colleagues are involved in the finger-pointing game, trying to pin blame on whomever released the tape.

Here’s how it went down, according to The Washington Post: 

A month before Donald Trump became president, his fanboy, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy asserted that Trump may be receiving payments from his fanboy, Russian President Vladimir Putin. McCarthy also speculated that Rep. Dana Rohrabacher, a rabid Putin supporter, might be in on the money train.

“There’s two people I think Putin pays: Rohrabacher and Trump,” McCarthy (R-Calif.) can be heard saying on the June 15, 2016 recording. 

But as soon as the words left McCarthy’s mouth, Ryan (R-Wis.) jumped in, pulled the plug on the conversation, and swore the Republicans who were present to secrecy.

“What’s said in the family, stays in the family,” he said.

And of course, Ryan and McCarthy are now trying to downplay McCarthy’s remarks as a bad joke. Oh sure, they act calm, but they’re worried.

Earlier Friday, Ryan refused to speculate who leaked the recording, but as is typical for Republicans, they are looking for a scapegoat, rather than being honest with their public. And the Ryan finger of blame is pointing at former Independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin. A former leadership staffer who attended the secret meeting, McMullin’s name is being dropped by everyone in Republicanland, The Hill notes.

“I’m not going to speculate,” Ryan told conservative radio show host Hugh Hewitt, “but that’s the name most people — you hear about.”

McMullin, a former CIA officer and a staffer for Republican Conference Chairwoman Cathy McMorris (R-Wash.), shocked Capitol Hill Republicans by announcing he planned to run for President as an Independent. He wanted to provide a conservative alternative to Trump, and he’s given Ryan and his cronies good reason to think he’s the leak-dropper.

McMullin is no fan of the president, and he has even alluded to the 2016 meeting and McCarthy’s Trump-Russia remark in a February opinion piece published by The New York Times. 

“Suspect public comments like these led one senior Republican leader to dolefully inform his peers that he thought Mr. Trump was on the Kremlin’s payroll, suggesting that Mr. Trump had been compromised by Russian intelligence,” he wrote.

“Other leaders were surprised by their colleague’s frank assessment, but did not dispute it.”

So the Republicans have been sitting on this all this time without raising their eyebrows. Sure, they kept mum, but their silence is starting to turn on them.

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The audio leak has tossed gasoline on the flames while Trump and the White House scramble to contain the exploding scandal regarding whether his campaign colluded with Russia to help him win the election, The Hill reports. 

And McCarthy’s little “joke” opens a window into the mindset of GOP leaders who now face escalating pressure over Trump’s erratic behavior. The leaked recording shows beyond a doubt that House Republican leadership discussed in private Russia’s involvement in the election and Trump’s relationship to Putin, The Washington Post reports. It’s completely clear that Ryan and his cronies wanted to keep this under wraps.

But will the Republicans continue to stand behind their clueless leader, now that former FBI Director Robert Mueller III has been appointed by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein to serve as special counsel to overseeing the Russia probe?  Suffice it to say things are getting dicier for the Trump White House, and for the House GOP members who indulged in their clandestine discussion.

And every single one of them deserves this. More leaks may be on the way, and if Paul Ryan is terrified of this, its his own damned fault.

Find out more about what the GOP didn’t want anyone else to know in the video below.

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