Ted Cruz, Lying Psychopath: Media Protects Donald Trump

Ted Cruz Is A Lying Psychopath, Claims Media Admitted To Protecting Trump (TED CRUZ)

Ted Cruz isn’t just a personally repellent, bible-thumping, booger-eating hypocrite, it turns out he’s a sore loser and a lying psychopath as well.

On Sunday’s edition of CBS’ Face the Nation, Ted Cruz accused John Dickerson and the mainstream media of withholding derogatory information about Donald Trump. According to him, the news outlets have this “great exposé” on Donald Trump. But since they’re convinced Mein Trumpf will win the GOP nomination, they’re going to hold back on it until this summer.

Furthermore, Ted Cruz tells John Dickerson that reporters have actually told him that:

“I can’t tell you how many media outlets I hear, you know, have this great exposé on Donald, on different aspects of his business dealings or his past, but they said, “You know what? We’re going to hold it to June or July.” We’re not going to run it now.”

Apparently, Cruz made this up out of full cloth, because an aghast John Dickerson sputtered out:

“You’re saying reporters have — told you that? They’ve told …”

But Ted Cruz interrupted to confidently declare: “Absolutely. We’ve got multiple …” but a skeptical John Dickerson interrupted to demand more specific information:

“And from which organizations have they told you?”

Ted Cruz then backs off with the following evasive response:

“You know, look, I’m not going to out media outlets. But I can tell you there is so much there.”

Really, Ted Cruz just hates the fact that the evangelicals and racists he had counted on for votes  prefer Donald Trump’s populism to having President Cruz take away their Social Security, food stamps and (in states that expanded Medicaid) Obamacare.

As we pointed out in a previous Reverb Press article, Mein Trumpf’s insurgent campaign took the GOP’s leadership by surprise because they’re in denial. Since the 1970’s, they’ve employed a “Southern Strategy” of dog-whistle racism to delude paranoid white people into helping them dismantle the government programs that lifted their parents and grandparents out of poverty and into the middle class.

Now, the Republican establishment is learning the hard way that their base hates conservative economic policies, job-killing trade deals, income inequality and corporate rule as much as Bernie Sanders’ supporters do. The main difference between the crowds that flock to Trump’s and Sanders’ events lies in the fact that Donald Trump’s supporters only want higher wages, good jobs and a strong safety net for “deserving real Americans” (white people) like themselves.

Watch: Ted Cruz accuses CBS’ John Dickerson and the mainstream media of protecting Donald Trump on “Face the Nation.”

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Featured image: Video screen grab via CBS/Face the Nation (with pants on fire added).