The Internet Schools Education Sec. DeVos with QuestionsForBetsy Hashtag — and She Flunks

The Internet Schools Education Sec. DeVos with QuestionsForBetsy Hashtag — and She Flunks

Wednesday was a big day for Secretary of Education Betsy Devos, who faced a grilling by the House Appropriations subcommittee on the education part of President Trump’s proposed budget.

DeVos gets tutored by twitter users…and still flunks

Her testimony was an epic fail. She made dodging questions a sport. It’s unclear if she ever considers any of the more serious questions beyond her precious charter schools. And this is very sad, because she might know more if she spent less time hob-nobbing with the Koch brothers. 

But before she stepped up to the plate, Twitter users quizzed her with plenty of questions, Mediaite reports. 

And, using the hashtag #questions4betsy, they didn’t hold back on the tough ones:

And Upworthy notes that some Twitter users decided to vent their understandable frustrations:

Unfortunately, most of these people’s questions weren’t answered during her testimony.

This is because she spent most of the time dodging questions.

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Especially those asked by Rep. Mark Pocan (D-WI.). Would she consider sending her kids to an under-performing charter school? He asked. Then he cited Wisconsin’s “failed experiment in tax-payer voucher schemes and for-profit charters.”

Pocan added that students from Ohio, Indiana and Washington, D.C., suffered falling test scores when they received charter school vouchers. He cited articles from The Milwaukee Journal that showed students from charter or voucher schools scored at either the same level or lower in reading proficiency and math than students from public schools.

As an example, he brought up a military-style charter school run by Right Step, Inc. The proficiency results at this school were shocking. Only seven percent of students demonstrated proficiency in the English language. What’s even more stunning is that ZERO percent of students showed proficiency in math.

So Pocan asked her:

“I just want to ask you,” he said to a fidgeting DeVos, “would you send your kids to a school where they have 93 percent of the students aren’t English proficient and zero percent are math proficient?”

She answered by thanking him for the question and noting how nice is it is that he’s from Wisconsin.

That was her answer. Which is an epic fail if there ever was one. DeVos is a billionaire. She couldn’t care less about poor students in America’s public school system.

But perhaps this Twitter user asked the best question of all:

I don’t think I could have asked a better question myself.

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