The Kids are Mad as Hell and They're Not Going to Take The GOP's 'BS' Anymore

The Kids are Mad as Hell and They’re Not Going to Take The GOP’s ‘BS’ Anymore

Have you ever noticed that teenagers always have their noses buried in their smartphones? Well, look around now. They’re looking up at the world around them now!

But don’t think for a moment that they can’t pick up that little handheld computer and do stuff with it that will rock the foundations of the conservative movement to it’s black hearted core.

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Let’s get something straight here… We’re talking about a remarkable generation.

This is a generation that grew up going to school every day under the threat of their classrooms turning into shooting galleries, where they are the targets, at any moment. A generation which, has had to confront the specter of gunmen every day they’ve gone to classes, whether one actually showed up, or not. A generation which, as GOP strategist Steve Schmidt recently warned, “feels hunted”.

More than that, this is a generation that grew up with the internet, and smartphones, and apps. A generation with communities that stretch beyond local boundaries, friendships formed around the nation and even the world; over gaming consoles, and chat apps, and social media. A generation that can organize across geographic and even language boundaries from the palm of their hand.

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This is a generation that doesn’t remember a time when the Republican party wasn’t “a basket of deplorables”, full of extremists and bigots. A generation that has never known a time when Republicans weren’t trying to starve them, take away their healthcare, divide them by race and gender, send them off to war, and leave them to die in war zone schools even here at home. A generation that knows all to well that the GOP is full of traitors, cheaters, bigots, crooks, fanatics, and fools. A generation that grew up seeing the contrast between the audacity of hope, and the party of nope.  A generation that is calling “BS” on the GOP.

And this is a generation which knows very wall, as Marjory Stoneman Douglas shooting survivor turned activist David Hogg recently tweeted, “will outlive” the forces aligned against them. A generation that is coming of age, and has a whole adult lifetime of voting, and fighting for change ahead of them.

It’s time Republicans wake up and realize that their nightmare is just beginning.

Watch survivors of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas school massacre speak out:

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