WATCH: Ed. Secretary DeVos Folds Hard When Asked a Basic Question About Charter Schools

WATCH: Ed. Secretary DeVos Fold Hard When Asked a Basic Question About Charter Schools

Does DeVos even know how to give a straight answer?

If there’s one thing we’ve learned about Betsy DeVos, President Donald Trump’s unfortunate pick to head the Department of Education, it’s that she’ll stop at nothing to avoid answering questions she doesn’t like. On Wednesday she appeared before a House appropriation subcommittee to testify in favor of Trump’s new budget proposal that slashes public education funding and diverts “critical resources” to for-profit schools and religious charter schools, Raw Story reports. 

And she was in fine form, batting away questions by Rep. Mark Pocan (D-WI.). But Pocan wasn’t having it.

Would she consider sending her own kids to an under-performing charter school, he asked her. Then he cited Wisconsin’s “failed experiment in taxpayer-funded voucher schemes and for-profit charters.”

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When students in Ohio, Indiana and Washington, D.C. received charter school vouchers, their test scores dropped, Pocan said. Citing articles from the Milwaukee Journal that showed that students from charter or voucher schools at the same or lower levels than public school students in reading proficiency and math.

As an example, he mentioned a military-style charter school, run by Right Step, Inc., In this school only seven percent of students demonstrated proficiency in the English language and zero proficiency in math.

“I just want to ask you,” Pocan said to a fidgeting DeVos, “would you send your kids to a school where they have 93 percent of the students aren’t English proficient and zero percent are math proficient?”

Epic answer avoidance in 3…2…1

She answered by thanking Pocan for his question and commented on how nice it was that he was from Wisconsin.

“I only have five minutes,” Pocan reminded her.

She batted his question away by blaming Democratic Wisconsin City Council woman Polly Williams for starting the charter school experiment. But rather conveniently, Williams can’t defend herself because she happens to be dead. Isn’t that just cute? Avoid answering a question by blaming someone who can’t defend themselves.

Pocan noted that yes, Williams started the experiment, but she rejected the voucher program by later noting that it “failed to live up to its promises.”

Things became tense afterward when a terse back-and-forth erupted between the Secretary and an increasingly frustrated Pocan.

“I can see you’re not going to answer my question,” he said before giving up.

It was DeVos at her utmost best — obfuscating any and every question that came her way.

You can watch the fireworks in the video below.

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Photo by Alex Wong/Getty Images

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